Saraki is A Winner Wherever He Goes

Bukola Saraki

By Halimah Hassan Kwarans vote for Saraki not his polical party. This can be attested to by good elders of history not boys who were born just yesterday. The impact and influence of Bukola Saraki to determine election pendulum in Kwara can not be over emphasized. Even people who claimed to come from the extreme Southern part of Kwara, they […]

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Youth Council to Empower Unemployed Youths in Kwara

Kwara state

Agricultural Vocational Training and Empowerment for Unemployed Youths is the first of its kind coming from National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN Kwara State Chapter) This agenda was born out of a collective desire to see that poverty is tackled knowing fully well that it’s not the job of the government alone to provide means to an end. The programme […]

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