Bolaji Abdullahi’s Tertiary Education Reforms; What Nonsense Was Kwara PDP Saying On Royal FM?

Baba Alajagusi alleges on Royal FM that Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi contributed to the challenges facing Kwara Poly, that he stopped the institution from running some affiliated courses from which they were generating money.

The questions to ask Baba Alajagusi and the party he speaks for are:

1. What are the challenges facing kwara poly?

2. Is Kwara Polytechnic set up to make money or to educate the students?

3. Is quality education not more important than the amount of money Kwara Poly generated from running irrelevant courses?

4. Is Baba Alajagusi and his party telling Kwarans that they will place money making ahead of delivering quality education to young Kwarans?

5. The Federal Government recently started taking some courses out of the curriculum of polytechnics, the same vision Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi kick started with his education reforms in Kwara as far as 2008. If Mallam Abdullahi was wrong, the FG won’t be borrowing that idea.

6. The foresight, which Mallam Abdullahi has always exhibited in every capacity he has ever served, both private or public, is a virtue to adore and appreciate, and most importantly a virtue to emulate. As a visionary, his actions may seem strange and uncomfortable, as his education reforms was, but in the long run he is always proved right. The fact that the FG is taking courses out of the polytechnics now is an indication that Omoluabi is right all along.

7. Let it be known that the reform by Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi as commissioner for education was done in good faith, aimed at developing the future of the state with no intent for financial gains nor returns.

8. In places where people with progressive ideology hold sway, institutions do not depend only on student enrollment to generate revenue. This explains why institutions around the world are getting creative and opening up other means of generating funds. The number one and most important goal of a school is to deliver quality education. This is what OMOLUABI focused on while he was Kwara education Commissioner.

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