2019: No To Collection of PVC and PDP Membership Numbers in Kwara South

Tuesday 18th September, 2018

This is to alert members of the public to a sinister move by some politicians in Ifelodun local government area of Kwara State led by Chairman of Ifelodun PDP, Alhaji Ariwoola who have reportedly been coercing stakeholders and party executive within the local government to submit their voters card number and their party identification numbers to Alhaji Kola Yusuf, who is the Chairman of Ifelodun stakeholders.

For clarity purpose, here is one of the messages sent to party exco members and stakeholders in Ifelodun yesterday:
“This is to notify All PDP excos in ifelodun LG that there will be a meeting tommorow Tusday @ Alhaji kola’s house by 9am prompt, pls come with ur voters card No and membership card No its very important be punctual.”

The illegal move we gathered, is an attempt to foist an unpopular senatorial candidate from the area on the people and also to stage endorsement for him. This is no doubt an act of desperation which should be condemned outright.

We hereby note that the leadership of the PDP in Kwara State is not aware of this unfortunate development and will never encourage such act.

It is for this reason we call on party members, stakeholders and party executive members within Kwara South not to submit their voter card’s number and party ID number to anybody or group. We also advise those desperate politicians to market their candidate rather than coercing people to support him forcefully.

Our party members and stakeholders from Kwara South should be allowed to freely choose whoever candidate they want to represent them in the Senate. We say no to imposition.

We also call on the party leadership to take necessary action on this matter.



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