#TheOmoluabiWeKnow: Bolaji Abdullahi has high dosage of integrity, he’s the best for Kwara now – Ex-ANCOPSS Chairman

Testimonies and endorsements have began to poured in for Omoluabi Bolaji Abdullahi since his declaration to contest for the position of Kwara State Governor in the 2019 elections.

Alhaji Kuranga Idowu Omomeji, a former Chairman of All Nigerian Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), Kwara State Chapter, and a retired principal of Baboko Secondary School, speaks on the integrity of Omoluabi and his achievements as Commissioner for Education:

Mallam Abdullahi is an enigma. For the period he served as commissioner in the state, there were remarkable changes in the education sector. Honestly, before he came on board, education was already in doldrums, it was like he had prepared for the task before becoming the commissioner, this is because he came out with quite legendary reforms. These reforms stood the test of time in the history of education in Kwara State.

The fact is, teachers and principals in secondary schools had lackadaisical attitude to teaching, and someone coming into such sector must be firm, committed and above all, must be interested in change. Mallam Bolaji had everything that was required to turn the face of the sector for the better. In fact, one of the reforms he carried out was one on Arithmetic and English language which he called ‘Every Child Counts’.

The reforms were in categories, we have the one of primary 1-3 and primary 4-6. Within the period of this reform, we saw great improvements in our school children, particularly in their spoken English. There were examination malpractices in the state, but the coming of Bolaji made all school principals to sit up. He also improved the quality of learning. I was very happy of all the developments because they were working for the good of our children. Within three years, the whole system changed. That’s Bolaji for you.


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