20 shops ‘possibly belonging’ to immigrants looted in South Africa — Police


At least 20 shops possibly belonging to immigrants were looted in South Africa’s capital overnight, police said on Tuesday, but could not confirm if the attacks had deliberately targeted foreigners. Anti-immigrant violence has flared sporadically in South Africa against a background of near-record unemployment, with foreigners being accused of taking jobs from locals and getting involved in crime. Responding to […]

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Pangolin Day: Saving world’s most trafficked mammal


With one million pangolins estimated to have been traded illegally in the last decade, this solitary, primarily nocturnal animal is the most trafficked mammal in the world. Also known as the scaly anteaters, there are eight species of the pangolin, with four found in Asia and the rest in Africa. While all four Asian pangolins are listed as endangered or […]

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​Robot takes over patrolling at Chinese railway station


There is a new cop in town… and he’s a robot. This new patrolling officer was introduced at Zhengzhou East Railway Station, in central China’s Henan province, on February 17. Its job is to patrol the station and guard it at night.  Using a visual system, it can operate independently, without any human control.  The robot can also assist passengers, […]

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