Saraki is A Winner Wherever He Goes

Bukola Saraki

By Halimah Hassan Kwarans vote for Saraki not his polical party. This can be attested to by good elders of history not boys who were born just yesterday. The impact and influence of Bukola Saraki to determine election pendulum in Kwara can not be over emphasized. Even people who claimed to come from the extreme Southern part of Kwara, they […]

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Bye-Election: Kwara APC Victory, a Confidence Vote for Party’s Leader

The decisive victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the Kwara State House of Assembly elections in Saturday elections in Oke Ero constituency, Mrs. Victoria Bunmi Afolayan, has been attributed to the popularity of the state’s political leader, Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki. According to the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the APC candidate […]

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Egungun Be Careful, Na Express You Dey Go

 By Idyat Omolola Isiaq Many who wonder why do I need to go so low to respond to people of this kind but I am sorry to have disappointed my fans and friends. Some guys are just mind provoking as they have turned themselves to Chief Rants and Masters of lies and propagandas on social media. Initially, I wasn’t surprised […]

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Opinion: Dissecting The Synergy Between Buhari And Saraki In The Making Of New Nigeria By Buhari Sulyman

Fellow Kwarans, permit me to reflect on some national issues that are of utmost importance and benefits to the people of Kwara State.   The present working relationship between the Presidency and the National Assembly is commendable just like the synergy the two arms of government have injected into the management of the nation.   Some of these instances include […]

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Opinion: #SubsidyRemoval -Why Nigerians Must Reject The Hypocritical  Way Of The APC Leaders  By Abubakar-Sidiq Abdulwahab-Zarumi

  What kind of country are we? …can someone tell me the differences in the character among Nigerians of all origin…can someone tell me the exceptional differences between the leaders we have had so far in this country vis a vis the  hypocritical  attitude of the members of the defunct #ACN and #APC today.   Why is it that almost […]

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The 8th National Assembly and Legislative Capacity Building

8th national assembly Bukola saraki

by Onilemarun Abdulkareem  The Senate President as an avid user of modern technology and new media platforms knows what advantage the online community serves to the members of the 8th assembly. Participatory governance in solving our national problems involves slow, difficult negotiations to seek agreement among the three tiers of Government and the citizens. With this, the use of social […]

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