Discharge and Acquit Saraki or re arraigned Bola Tinubu – NNPSG

A Non governmental organisation the Nigeria Needs Positive Change Group(NNPCG)  at weekend lashed out at the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency discharge and Acquit Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki or re – arraigned Bola Tinubu former governor of Lagos State.
This become Imperative following the development on Friday at the on going Trial of the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki at the  Code of Conduct   Tribunal ( CCT) on an alleged False Asset Declaration,   where the Federal Government Publicly admitted to have err both in the Charges and procedure leading to his Prosecution.
Also the FGN must be honourable too to re – arraigned former  Governor of Lagos State  Bola Ahmed Tinubu which the same Prosecutor led by  a Senior Advocate of Nigeria Rotimi Jacob, equally admitting  that Tinubu was discharged in error even though evidences  proved he has case to answer.
 The Public admittance by the  FGN   that there were error in the Charges brought against Saraki and that evidence could not be provided  confirmed the earlier claims by Saraki and his Supporters that his Prosecution was Politically motivated. ‎The only option available was for the CCT to discharge and Acquit him without further delay.
The Nigeria Need Positive Change group ( NNPCG) in a statement at the weekend described  the ‎ continuation of the Trial at the CCT as an abuse of Power and Judicial Process maintaining that ” since the Prosecutor had pronounced publicly and admitted to an established  flaws in the trial any further action in that direction  amount to Persecution and Political Vendatta. “‎
The revelation also  that there were flaws in the Charges and the Procedure as well as failure to brief the defendant as  provided ‎ by the law  raises  fundamental question of the abuse of the right of the  defendant and the desperation on the part of the prosecutor who  failed to adhere to the Provision of the law.
More importantly, the Prosecutor admitted to had wrongly discharged a former governor of lagos State  Ahmed Bola Tinubu despite overwhelming evidence against him and that he was adequately consulted and debriefed contrary to the current  situation where the defendant was neither consulted nor intimated of an alleged  discripances in the assets declared.
The  NNPCG having considered the Credibility of this  trial came to the conclusion that it was Politically motivated and orchestrated to deceived and mislead Nigerians. The credible option would be to discharge Senator Bukola Saraki.
The NNPCG have been following activities of the Present administration and identified with her policies and Programmes ‎, President Muhammad Buhari must at this stage stop and  dismissed the Unwarranted trial and  acquit  the Number three (3) citizen of any wrong.
While the FGN should not only  apologise to‎ Nigerians and the Senate President but it should equally ensure that all those involved  in misleading our Nation be brought to justice in order to serve as deterrent to others  like who are still in the sysytem.
We call all Nigerians to rise up against this impunity and abuse of office as demonstrated by the FGN n the same government who  ‎should promote adherence to the rule of law has  turn out to be the violator and breaker of the law of the land in order to protect personal interest.