By Sheriff Alase (@teejayalase)


The establishment of Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) is an inestimable blessing for not only the people of Kwara State but also all the non-Kwarans residing in the state. Kwara State is one of the states at the bottom of the ladder when the states of the federation are hierarchically arranged according to what they receive from Federal Government as Monthly Allocation. It is an indisputable fact that dwindling allocation since the previous adminstration has put the state in a tight corner, but glory be to God for giving us a governor with high passion for the elation of the masses and expertise in rationally and judiciously expending resources, no matter how infinitesimal it is.


However, the vision of KW-IRS stands as ” To mobilize revenue for the strategic development of Kwara State.” This vision is pointing to the worthwhile goal which the body is aimed at achieving. This is not political spoonfeeding, realistic and pragmatic, if all hands are on deck. Unbelievable, the first amazing achievement of Kwara State Government under the leadership of Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed through KW-IRS is the employment of Kwarans, most especially the youths, who are now gainfully absorbed as permanent staff in this organization. There is no doubt that this has to some extent reduced the rate of unemployment in the state.


Also, leakages of all forms have been plugged and this has been helping the government to unprecedentedly generate funds into its purse for the benefit of all and sundry in the state. In addition, the money accrued to the government via KW-IRS would be invested in the provision of various social amenities suçh motorable roads, uninterrupted power supply, water- tight security, modern health facilities, world class recreational centres, qualitative education and a host of others. There is every propensity that this would not only boom economy of the people of the state but would also appeal to the investors from other states and also outside the shore of Nigeria. If this is achieved, Kwara State would become a point of call for any local or foreign investor.


My good people of Kwara State, the more the support we give to KW-IRS, the more the social amenities we get, the more the reduction of unemployment level in our state and the more the advancement of our State of Harmony among its peers. So, let us play our part by paying any form of tax that concerns us in due course. With KW-IRS, it is indeed good here.