Bukola Saraki


AS events unfold in the political scene, Nigerians and indeed the whole world are getting better educated and well informed about the hypocritical ‎stance of our ruling elites as the day pass by.


‎The call for the stoppage of CCB/CCT amendment is not only self serving, callous and anti-people but hypocrisy of the ruling elites.


Last week, a PDP Senator Peter Nwaoboshi had moved for amendment of the law of CCB/CCT with a view to giving it freedom ‎and independence since CCT was to be a court of sort, under the judiciary which is an arm of government.


Separation of power is the main features of constitutional democracy as each arm of government  namely the Legislature, Executives and the Judiciary must be independent of each other though pursuing the same objectives of service to the people.

‎The amendment according to the sponsor was “seeking to remove the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) from the Presidency, while placing it under the control of the judiciary”


The lawmaker who reiterated that the intention behind the amendment was not only to ‎free the CCT from Executive control but to equally save Nigerins from selfish politicians and power monger leaders that may take advantage of the control to pursue personal Interest.

The Distinguished Senator disclosed to Nigeruans that the office of Secretary to Government of Federation currently control the Bureau, pointing out that the SGF is a politician ‎and it is not healthy in a constitutional democracy where separation of power and checks and balances should reign supreme.

The wisdom of the lawmaker is commendable. After all the Apex Court in the land the Supreme Court had in its judgment said the CCT is a court of sort, therefore it must be seen to be neutral and not to be taking instruction from the politician.


The position canvassed therefore by the promoter of the amendment should be lauded and commended as this would further entrench the democratic discipline and enhance better service delivery.

This hypocrisy should stop, the lawmakers should be supported to get their acts right at this critical period of our socio-economic and political challenges. The call for the amendment would not have come a better time than now, when it has been publicly admitted that the Executive arm has over bearing influence ‎on the body which should rightly be under the watch and control of the judiciary.

As an observer and a stakeholder ‎in the Nigeria project it is hypocritical and ungodly for some self serving leaders and sponsored faceless group to have narrowed the proposed amendment to the Senate president on going trial at the CCT.


‎Equally we condemn very strongly  the reports credited to the Senator representing Zamfara Central at the upper house of the National Assembly Senator Kabiru Marafa such unguarded outburst was capable of truncating our hope for better Nigeria and positive change


As a Senator, Senator Marafa should know better that the proposed amendment would place the CCB / CCT in their place of responsibility as against the current hijack by the executive arm of government.


Marafa should not and must be seen to be playing to the gallery, for him to have claimed that the amendment was to give Saraki immunity, diminishes his sense of reasoning and comprehension as a serving Senator that must know far better that the constitution is the law of the land and the Senate is an institution.

Enough of the recklessness on the  part of Senator Marafa Nigerians can not be deceived any further let the  body be under the control of its rightful parent – the judiciary and not the executive. ‎This is the only way to guarantee neutrality and true dispensation of justice.

Marafa as a lawmaker should not trivialise this patriotic call because  he wants to appear to be loyal to his political master, trial of any Senator should not be an excuse for the Lawmaker not discharge their constitutional responsibility as enshrined in our laws irrespective whose ox is gored.



National Secretary.