Opinion: APC’s Infighting Is An Impediment To The Change Agenda The Party Preached

By Hajia Saarat Adebayo

A cow must not go astray in the presence of the breeder. There are these wide beliefs that when a child falls from the tree, people around him call for the mother, when he falls from the mother, who will nurture him? When clothe is torn, a needle is sought for, when the needle breaks nothing can join them together again.

When a fetcher drops in dungeon well, people call for fetcher-picker, when it falls into the well, what will remove it?

It is necessary at this juncture to call the attention of all sane Nigerians that the current allegations upon allegations by some unscrupulous Nigerians are nothing but a move to take Nigeria abroad and make the nation that is supposed to have been among the most developed nations in the world, a developing one.

The entire APC chieftains are called upon to be watchful that because the corruption war of this great administration, which some people opined as being selective, has started to fight back and made some people, most especially from the opposition party to be sponsoring cases to destabilize the ruling party so that it will not be possible for Mr. President to have time to prosecute the real offenders whose majority are from the opposition party. It should not be surprised that, our aim to concentrate in restricting Nigeria’s political, economic and socio-cultural activities positively has never been a wish of some parties; their major aim is how to get back into political power.

The APC Chairman, Chief Oyegun should know that we all have strong beliefs in him. That was why he was selected to sway the party but it will not be good if he should allow some people to destroy the party. No matter how intimate some people/things are, quarrel is unavoidable. Tongue and teeth do fight and get settled, personal political struggles between or among the top-shots should not be allowed to destroy the party APC.

Most especially, I will like to call the attention of the number one citizen of this Nation to the fact that Nigerians voted us in due to their strong hope in us and we should try to settle our intra-party issues before they escalate into something those we may not be able to solve later.

Nevertheless, one of the reasons for having women in the party is to play roles diligently since a behind a successful man, there is believed to be a successful woman. So it is for our party that we should have meetings across the states of the federation to settle the indifference within the party now and be focused on our ideology in making Nigeia a better place to live.

Therefore, as the party APC woman leader in Kwara state, I call on the APC national woman leader to use her warrant to call everyone in the party into order because it is only through harmony that a terrarium is being bulked. Red ants possess no eye, they move in colony and reach wherever they want. No one on earth’s surface, for now, is absolute clean (perfect). Ma, use your God betrothed power to bring back APC into order. People make party, if we should give room for this, I want you to remember that the world is watching how APC can cope. Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa and others were are Democratic heroes who fought for the democracy we are enjoying today. So we should guard it jealously.

Moreover, I will like to hint the President and the Vice President that they should try to be careful not to allow anybody to tarnish the image of the members of the party and other people across the states unjustly because it has a great effect in the system of government. The Office of the President, Vice President, SGF and others should be strictly monitored to avoid any injustice in the nation.

In consonance with the above assertion, Chief (Asiwaju) Tinubu should not keep mute on this. The current crisis in the Senate can cause havoc to the party because the move by those wicked people is to destroy Dr. Bukola Saraki and other patriotic Nigerians which you can see when they started analogizing the current allegation with your already cleared issue. They want the Senate President’s case to be judged so as to cause problem to you because there may then by ‘’like a slave like a son’’ as a slave is born from the mother so is the king’s child.

I therefore call on the APC leaders nationwide to stand firm to put-hold to unnecessary ruckus in the party because where there is no love, there shall never be a peace and it is only through tranquillity that the President will be able to work well to realize our goal in making Nigerians happier and great.

Hajia Sarat Adebayo

The APC Woman Leader

Kwara State