CCT: Dele Momodu Makes Genuine Case For Saraki

Former presidential candidate and Chief Executive Officer cum Publisher of  Ovation International and Journalist  Dele Momodu who is known for his distinct position and views has expressed his candid thoughts on the ongoing trial of senate president Bukola Saraki.


The renowned journalist took to his twitter handle @DeleMomodu to express views revealing for the umpteenth time that the fight against Saraki is politically motivated.


See Below Dele Momodu’s Tweets on Saraki;

Dear Brother, I never avoided Saraki\’s matter from Day One and even granted an interview in Vanguard…‎

I was much closer and still closer to Amaechi but developed fondness for Saraki during the Buhari campaigns… ‎

Saraki gave his all for the Buhari campaigns mobilizing people and resources for their party\’s candidate..‎

‎My reason for being indifferent to Saraki\’s matter was because he only became a villain after the Senate debacle!


‎Out of all the many Governors that served since 1999, Saraki suddenly became the only thief…‎


Many of those sympathetic to Saraki do so because of that perceived witch-hunt and not because of any friendship.


No one would ever say Saraki or any public officer should be above the law but don’t victimize them on political ground.


The above tweet preceded a letter he wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari titled: “A Second Desperate Memo to President Buhari “.


In the long paragraphed letter Momodu who also supported Buhari’s presidential ambition took him down the memory lane of the promises filled period prior to his elections and his eventual triumph which has not measured the expectations of Nigerians .


“You are going to be against corruption is wonderful, it pales into irrelevance and insignificance where hunger, deprivation, poverty, unemployment, poor education, ignorance, diseases, insecurity of lives and properties and other complications are concerned.


“Many people are going to hail you for arresting the thieves but the same people will soon turn around to attack you when they can’t feel the effect of the war positively on their bodies and souls”.

​As part of the letter reads​.



Adding that he will be judged ultimately by the comfort he brings  to the  people and not the self-immolating pain you inflict on real and imaginary enemies.