#CCTvsSaraki; A Political Revenge Aimed to Fight the Senate By Hon. (Engr.) Abdulkareem Ayinde Moro

Proceedings today and in the past two days have revealed to the whole world the conspiracy of the Nigerian politicians against the Senate President and the entire leadership of the Senate. It is now an open secret that the trial is initiated by certain stalwarts in the ruling All Progressives Congress in their selfish and personal interest.

It is however our hope and expectations that the Chairman of the CCT, Justice Danladi Umar, would not pervert the course of justice, by the biases he is already exhibiting in the handling of the trial.

After listening to the cross examinations of the Star Prosecution Witness by Saraki’s Counsels, those who have concluded the guilt of Saraki based on the made-up evidences of the Star Prosecution Witness as so far presented by the Prosecution before the CCT, should have by now, learnt to hold their peace and allow the cause of justice to prevail in the overall interest of the Country.

Our prayers however, should continue to be that at the end, Inn Shaa Allah, our Leader would eventually be served justice to overcome all his enemies, both locally, nationally and internationally.