Group Urges Buhari To Rise Above Board

President Muhammadu Buhari  has been urged to be conscious of his status as a stateman and accord  every member of the APC family equal opportunity , recognition and relevance. 


This according to an Abuja based group becomes important  as it would register his status as an impartial leader who has the capacity to carry everybody along without sentiments or biases. The APC National Grassroot Forum gave this advice in a statement released in Abuja by its National Chairman  Alhaji  Sulaiman Atolagbe  Alege  and the Secretary Pius Charles, the group  expressed sadness over the turn of events in the ruling party sequel to its victory at the polls. ‘It is mind-dissilutioning and quite disturbing that a party that prided itself as progressive in nature , status and activities could have its fold almost turned apart resultant from avoidable in-house silent battle, the expectations by the people is high and rather than dissipating energy  on irrelevancies  and schism, total  attention should be on  the delivery of dividends of democracy to the people and fulfilling the electoral promises’. The statement read.


The group also expressed its disappointment at the clear case of double standard in the on-going trial of the Senate President , Senator Bukola Saraki and pleaded with the president to act as an impartial leader and halt any attempt or actions by individuals aimed at using state institutions as a tool for punishing perceived  political enemy without respect for the sanctity of those instituions . ‘ It is sadly disappointing and an ominuos comment on the future of this country that the Chairman of an important institution such as CCT could fail in the task of upholding the sword and scale of justice without fear or favour, the present scenario is in semblance with that of the discredited Coker Commission of Inquiry of 1962 which was used against the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo but it eventually failed to get him politically castrated,  the on-going trial of the Senate President is a clear move by some individuals to have him smashed’ the group noted.


The group also urged stakeholders to step in and have the situation controlled before it degenerates to a level beyond redemption as such development would not be in the best interest of the party.


‘Party leaders should work for unity in the party, we should have whatever differences existing addressed, for the very first time a party with ‘progressive’ garb won an election and for the first time to the chagrin of the former ruling party  an incumbent was defeated, it is in our best interests that we manage the post -victory period because to have recorded such an enviable electoral victory meant the party was the best in field organization therefore those having silent battles shoud thenceforth put an end to it to avoid having the party exposed to crisis that could have it completely paralysed’ the group warned.