Kwara APC berates Oyegun over reckless comments on Saraki’s ordeal

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Kwara State chapter,  has vehemently chided the party’s Chairman, John Oyegun, over his recent comments on the ongoing trial of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki. 


In a statement signed by its State Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Sulyman Buhari, the party said it was rather unfortunate that when Mr Oyegun had opportunity to speak for the APC, he chose to speak for a cabal.


Having waited endlessly for Mr Chairman to deny comments credited to him that our party is ready to sacrifice Dr. Saraki and his office, it is necessary to make the underlisted observations and declarations.


To be mild, the outburst of Mr Chairman is unfortunate, shocking and regrettable.


If anyone is still in doubt about the propriety of our expressed opinion that the travails of the Senate President was orchestrated by some forces within the APC, recent outbursts by Mr Chairman has cleared such doubts.


When Mr Chairman is expected to stand forthright and firm to protest the political persecution of his party member and leader of a critical arm of government, he portrays the image of an incompetent and unreliable leader.


Obviously, those reckless outbursts were either Mr Chairman’s personal views or the agenda of the cabal he belongs. However, irrespective of what he says, Mr Chairman and his cabal can not play God on the fate of the Senate President.


Even tough, it is needless to remind Mr Chairman the unquantifiable contributions of the Senate President in the transmogrification of the APC from an opposition party to a ruling party, it is shocking and beyond imagination that a party chairman who is suppose to be father to all party members could make such reckless and divisive comments.


Therefore, we were spot on when we raised alarm that desperate politicians have hijacked the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) and handed its controversial chairman, a pre-determined verdict to deliver on the ongoing trial of the Senate President.


Meanwhile, it should be noted that Mr Chairman has failed to exonerate himself from this extra-judicial and evil plot, rather he has confirmed and vindicated our expressed opinion.


Futhermore, Mr Chairman should be reminded and guided by history, no political party has ever survived the war it waged against itself.


We hereby restate our unconditional loyalty to the Senate President. We are proud of the Senate President. We shall continue to stand by him. We shall continue to solidarise with him.


Lastly, we maintain that even though, a pattern of inconsistencies and unfairness have emerged in the ongoing trial of the Senate President, we believe if the trial is conducted fairly, he would be vindicated at the end of the trial.