You said you want occupy NASS. You claimed you are acting on behalf of 170million nigerians. You hung around the National Assembly for four days and later dispersed. You later rated yourselves that it was a success. Why wouldn’t you allow the people you claimed to represent to rate you? I will rate you because I am one of the 170 million you claimed to represent. 


Your outing was poor. It was negligible and insignificant. It was a tea party organised by few of you for yourselves. You don’t have the mandate of 169.9999 million Nigerians. When nigerians are ready to occupy for genuine reasons,  they will occupy the entire government. All the arms! As it is now, there is no water, no light, no fuel, no employment, no money and people are loosing their jobs and businesses, inflation of even food items is on the increase. The President alone has wasted money in his foreign trips that is more than enough to purchase all the SUVs bought by the National Assembly but you have chosen to only occupy one arm, NASS.


I have been following the activities of CUPS for the past 10 months. Their concern is Saraki. But to wake up one morning to say they want to occupy NASS in the name of buying SUVs is one of the greatest insult of the common sense. Stop coming in the name of CUPS to occupy NASS. As far as I know CUPS is a nick name of APC. That occupy NASS of a thing is an extension of the battle of leadership of the National Assembly since Saraki emerged against the interest of some APC king makers. The day there is a genuine protest for the betterment of this nation, the entire government will be occupied.