Public Alert From The Office Of Senate President On A Sponsored Propaganda Against Saraki

Bukola Saraki

The attention of the Media Office of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been drawn to a press statement released by a group known as the Citizen United For Peace and Stability (CUPS), Titled SECURITY ALERT! – BUKOLA SARAKI FINALLY DECLARES WAR ON THE NIGERIAN STATE!


The report by CUPS stated that some unamed sources told them that Senator Bukola Saraki has made plans to disrupt his ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) by making use of thugs through some key personalities from Kwara State.



The statement is false, malicious and aimed at further denigrating the hard-earned image of Senator Bukola Saraki after their planned sponsored protest failed through earlier awareness to the general public of their sinister moves.



It is worrisome that aggrieved politicians opposed to Saraki’s emergence as the Senate President, having failed to remove him, now resort to cheap blackmail by concocting lies under the disguise of “unidentified sources “.


The individuals mentioned in the statement to be planning the sinister move, are prominent Nigerians who respect the rule of law and stand strongly behind the Senate President. In this regard, this is a cheap attempt to intimidate supporters of the Senate President.


It will be recalled that this same mischievous group called CUPS had earlier circulated messages at different times requesting for funds for different non existent political gatherings.



The CUPS has been in the habit of peddling falsehood and deceiving unsuspecting Nigerians as the body has not lived up to its name of maintaining ‘peace’ and ‘stability.’


Senator Bukola Saraki is a law abiding citizen who has demonstrated the utmost respect for the judicial system by taking the pain to attend and defend himself at the Tribunal even though the  trial is believed to be borne out of malice and political persecution.


Moreover, Senator Saraki, despite his  trial at the CCT has continued to perform his constitutional duties as the Senate President elected by his peers.


It is therefore a gratuitous insult to the Office of the Senate President, and the personalities of the patrotic and decent individuals mentioned in the concocted lies by this organisation to link them with tales of acts of gangsterism and violation of temple of justice.


This propaganda by his political opponents is not new and we urge law abiding citizens to disregard the body, its sponsors and promoters. This is the time to for everybody to forget our narrow, self-serving interest, dissuade the manipulation of state institutions to achieve personal and partisan objectives and ensure that rule of law prevails as prerequisite towards the entrenchment of our democratic tenets.





Bamikole Omishore



SA (New Media)


Office Of The Senate President.