Egungun Be Careful, Na Express You Dey Go

 By Idyat Omolola Isiaq

Many who wonder why do I need to go so low to respond to people of this kind but I am sorry to have disappointed my fans and friends. Some guys are just mind provoking as they have turned themselves to Chief Rants and Masters of lies and propagandas on social media.

Initially, I wasn’t surprised when they started, I thought and regarded them as one of the attention seekers but not until I confirmed their link and sponsorship to the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammed. There group comprises of Kayoed Oyin Zubair the son of Oyin Ajirotutu Zubair, Kayode Ogunlowo, Sholyment Olusegun Olusola and other e-rats that have constituted themselves to be nuisances in the recent times under the monitoring of Adeyeye Williams, the PA to the Minister of Information and Culture.

I am not surprised, these e-thugs are people without electoral value who have no meaningful contribution to the development of Kwara. Ask them how many of them or their pay master including the Minister has ever won their wards in any elections.

These are people who can’t convince their family members to vote for a candidate, but they are very good at jumping on Facebook to discredit the sitting government, their honourables, their senator and even the leadership of their party in the state under the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.The last time I checked, not even Lai Mohammed has won any elective positions without the Sarakis in Kwara.

Minus Saraki from any political party in Kwara and the party is best described as a dead party. They claim Saraki joined them and not them joined the Saraki in the 2015 general elections, but I tell you, remove Saraki and you are forgotten in Kwara politics. Somebody once said he has never lost any elections in Kwara but he was reminded that he had never contested against the Saraki. When he tried it, he didn’t only lose the elections but went in to extinction.

Let Lai Muhammed and his boys be reminded that Saraki political dynasty remains an indivisible entity in Kwara and Nigeria at large.

We aren’t unaware of their recent attacks on the persons of the Distinguished Kwara South Senator, Dr. Rafiu Ibrahim, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, and even on the Senate President. We know that is the best you can do. The whole world has known and confirmed it that your master, Alhaji Lai Muhammed is a “General” in lies and propagandas.

We need to sound this also to your ears that the N5k recharge card you are given monthly isn’t a way of life. My dear, look for a life of your own. Lai Muhammed himself knowns that Kwara is too large for him to occupy without the Sarakis. Tell him I said this.