Opinion: #SubsidyRemoval -Why Nigerians Must Reject The Hypocritical  Way Of The APC Leaders  By Abubakar-Sidiq Abdulwahab-Zarumi


What kind of country are we? …can someone tell me the differences in the character among Nigerians of all origin…can someone tell me the exceptional differences between the leaders we have had so far in this country vis a vis the  hypocritical  attitude of the members of the defunct #ACN and #APC today.


Why is it that almost all our leaders are always taking us for granted* and see us as fools ? Why is that we are always seen as nobody by our so-called leader in this country?


The adminstration of the former President Dr.Gudluck Jonathan was  rubbished by those #Propagandist ,the then major opposition party[ACN],as if he killed the son of God. They blamed  him so much that you and I believed that he was the worst and insensitive leader/President Nigeria had ever/will ever have … this caught the attention of Nigerians including you and i who thought they were better and  could do better. We never thought that Former President Jonathan was not that bad as they painted him then was completely captured and knocked out by our votes. ‎


I would like to bring to your memories to how and when their hypocrisy attitudes began. It was started from the 7th House of Representative with #AminuTambuwal ‘s emergence as the #Speaker then,in a manner that non of them ever described as being contrary or in violations of his party’s[PDP] wishes…then you and i joined them in the clapping. And when it was there turned to reap what they actually sow then,*they started crying fools,they were calling for some heads,they started the #Blackmailling,they started inciting and instigating you and I against some Nigerians,some group of people,telling and making you and i see/looking at them as bad as if they had never and can never offer this country any anything if they remained or allowed to occupy certain positions in the country…telling and making you and I to see and believe that only they had  all it takes to pilot the affairs of this country.


In the year 2012 when former President Jonathan’s adminstration announced the removal of the fuel subsidy which resulted into increment of the pumping price then from #65,00 to #140,00 you and I were  told to reject it in its totality and we did not look back,we said no way…you and I  trooped to the streets of Nigeria condemning the actions of the then Federal Government with the hashtag #OccupyNigeria.


And immediately,the then opposition party[ACN],its associates and sympathisers  including the so-called civil rights organizations alongside with the Nigeria Labour Congress and its affiliates came out and told you and I that they do not believe in the existence of any subsidies at all…some of them said that our local refineries must first be made to be able to produce up to our daily local consumptions of the refined product by a way of rehabilitating  the four refineries and as well building more. Even then,you and I were made to know that whenever the price of the crude oil fall at the international market,it must be translated to the price to be paid at home …for domestic consumptions.Meaning that the price per litre at home too must come down.


#OccupyNigeria protest of the year 2012,if not all but about 90% of some of the #Sponsors and the #financiers  or those that took/led you and I  to the streets across the nooks and crannies of the nation then,are today in power….since the inception of this adminstration, a year ago .And in the history of the fuel scarcity in this Nigeria,it has never for once stayed longer or persistent within the year under review. We bought  petrol between  *200 to 300 per litre at petrol stations.* Same has been for the price of the commodities,it has continued to go higher day by day *most especially the grains,such as rice,beans,etc,the common man food ….a bag of rice that was selling between 7,500.000 and 10,000.00 before is now 15,000.Electricity supply is becoming worse day by day,hours by hours…. NOTHING AT ALL YOU AND I AS NIGERIAN ARE ENJOYING FOR THE SAKE OF BEEN THE CITIZEN and non of these hypocrites has been able to come out openly as they used to do under Jonathan,to condemn all or any of these actions/policies and programmes of this government,the only method they failed to adopt then is what they are adopting today, preaching for calm and patience …calling on you and i to be calm and be patient with the #PMB .


I can still remembered very very well,that 4 years ago,the bigger role I personally played during the #OccupNigeria both on the street of Ilorin and on the social media platforms … The #OccupyNigeria protest in Ilorin,Kwara State,North-Central Nigeria started in my neighbourhood and in my community[Zarumi junction road,Adangba area].Infact on that faithful day,around the bridge of the general post office area,Ilorin,a man was shot dead by one police officer… BECAUSE JONATHAN REMOVED SUBSIDY.


Now,the then opposition party ACN turned APC led adminstration has just done  exactly what they took you and I  on the streets of Nigeria to protest against  and reject in its totality….their party All Progressive Congress[APC]that promised Nigerians,you and i #TheHeavenOnEarth…..monthly stipends,free meals at school,#50.00 per litre,steady and stable electricity within 6 months,immediate return of the Chibok School Girls,to mention but a few ….. TODAY,THEIR PRESIDENT,THEIR PARTY LED ADMINSTRATION HAS ALSO REMOVED FUEL SUBSIDY.


However, Majority of those that led the #OccupyNigeria protest of 2012 in various States across the nation in search of/for more recognitions in eyes of you and i have today achieved their sole aims,their targets….having  gained political powers and have forgotten you and I. Some of them now,Governors in their State,Some of them Senators and representatives at the national Assemblies like wise in the various State Assemblies across the nation,some of now ministers and top top Government offices….THESE ARE THEIR TARGETS and now would they come out again to do same thing they did in the year 2012 immediately when the removal of subsidy was announced…. WHO WILL FIGHT FOR YOU AND I NOW?WHO WILL SPEAK ON OUR BEHALF NOW?


The situation of the country within a year has clearly shown  that the then #ACN and #APC today,are more of propaganda than realists. They are only masters  in regional politics not at all in national politics…even at that regional level,they have never at a time controlled the whole South-West of the country since 1999.


Meanwhile, i do not want to blamed the APC simply because this is their first time, first time experience of how national goverment look like and what it takes to run the national Government… I am very sure that by now,they should have known the big difference between moving from Lagos to Osun, Ogun and to Oyo State.The national government is far beyond that, far beyond someone sitting in one State Capital and giving  instructions. As a matter of fact, some of these their propagandist ways of life has started affecting the APC led admistration. 


HOW I WISH? I WISH #PMB WAS SOLELY ELECTED ON THE PLATFORM OF HIS THEN PARTY, CPC,… Muhammadu Buhari was not supposed to be  in the camp of these deceivers, hypocrites and the propagandists because he is a very righteous man known for his principle of honesty and integrity  everywhere but the previous attitudes or the style of leadership of which the defunct ACN leaders turned APC leaders today has began to affect his young and promising administration.


Finally,the APC led administration  now should first of first satisfied some of the conditions they set for the then PDP adminstration under the leadership of Dr.Gudluck Jonathan before thinking or embarking on any any removal of subsidy at all….(1)Rehabilitations of our  our local refineries to ensure that enough fuel is produced up to level daily consumptions of the PMS in the country and (2)Ensure that more refineries are built across the geo-political zones of the country to discourage and discontinue importations.Is anyone saying no money,they should go and borrow as they advised the then government. 

Abubakar-Sidiq Abdulwahab-Zarumi is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief,NewWaveTimes, Publishers of NewWaves Magazine, NewWaves Xtra, and KwaraEagleEye who can be reached via [email protected]