Saraki is A Winner Wherever He Goes

Bukola Saraki
By Halimah Hassan

Kwarans vote for Saraki not his polical party. This can be attested to by good elders of history not boys who were born just yesterday.

The impact and influence of Bukola Saraki to determine election pendulum in Kwara can not be over emphasized.

Even people who claimed to come from the extreme Southern part of Kwara, they couldn’t make impact or influence the electorate but only believe in their politics of calumny where social Media platforms remain their battle field.

An election was held at their backyard and they know nothing about who becomes their own party candidate. What a pity! Their presence neither felt nor missed.

The party leadership under Saraki and Governor Ahmed swung into action to floor the opposition including those within their own party too.

We aren’t too surprised because Saraki remains the difference in all Political Parties in Kwara.

Either here or there, the support base of the Sarakis in Kwara remains solidly strong like a rock.

Kudos to the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, for his several live touching programmes despite the state of our economy. The Governor is indeed a good administrator and an ambassador of the Saraki dynasty.

Many thanks to our Federal Honourable Members and Distinguish Senator for their resilience in proper representation and ensuring that their constituents get desired dividend of democracy. It is in their effort at the National Assembly that resulted to the inclusion of the Offa-Ajasepo road, Lokoja/OmuAran road in the 2016 Budget as passed recently.

Help us ask them what have they been able to bring to Kwara as Honourable Minister other than Masquerade Dressing.

Our noisy neighbours should be reminded that elections are won not only on the social media but among the constituents and electorate whom we have touched their lives.