Lai Mohammed: The Liar Who Infected Kwara Based Facebook Platforms With Numerous Lies By Abdullahi Aiyelabegan

Democracy is a beautiful system of government as it affords everyone the opportunity to contribute to how policies are formulated and implemented. This tremendous opportunity has been abused and being abused by many. Rather than leveraging on this beautiful opportunity by engaging in robust discussions on how things can be done better, so many people are using it as an attack mechanism against their perceived political opponents. This is truly sad!

I have always been a person who welcomes criticism, in as much as it opens a window for us to address issues. What I do not agree with is a person coming up with lies so as to mislead the public and satisfy his or her paymasters. It is not a hidden fact that the Kwara born Lagos politician called Lai Mohammed has recently engaged some jobless young men on Kwara based facebook platforms to drag the personality of Senate President Bukola Saraki and Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and their associates to mud, all in the name of trying to reap enormously where he did not sow.

Can somebody help me to ask Mr. Lai Mohammed and his e-rats his contributions to not just the Kwara APC but Kwara’s socio-economic values since he was lorded on our state from Lagos? It was so unfortunate that instead of the bootless man to use his first accomplishment as the Minister of Information and Culture to prove wrong his critics, who strongly opined he was a Lagosian not Kwaran at the mug of his nomination, his Ministry went ahead to partner Lagos Museum where we have a more popular Esie Museum in Kwara. Does he think Kwarans are foolish? A full term politician for that matter! Even Bolaji Abdullahi who was a technocrat, as the Minister of Youth Development ensured that the NorthCentral region’s flag-off of his YouWin initiative was hosted in Ilorin at Banquet Hall, Opposite Kwara Government House in 2011.

The recent ranting by one of the fake facebook accounts by Lai’s boys called Geri Alimi is not only sad but also an insult to the entire Ilorin and Kwara citizens. His true identity has been revealed as one Mr. Sunday Ade. This man, Sunday Ade who operates Geri Alimi, is being remunerated by a Local Government Chairman from Lagos but seconded to work for Lai Mohammed under the coordination of that oldest fool Kwara ever got, Oyin Zubair “Ajima’aronu”. One would have decided to remain an onlooker on the stocky blackmails by this bastard who is in real depiction, not from Ilorin but I consider it a human service to do it because of the undiscerning Kwarans who might have fallen prey of his nonsense.

It is worrisome that this usurper did not find a name among numerous names available to hide his coward’s tail but our own ancient nickname in Ilorin which we guard jealously. The name Geri Alimi was deliberately chosen to sow a seed of discord between members of Ilorin Emirate. He also chose the name so that his identity will not be suspected by the general public. It is too bad for the hungry coward.

I marveled when I read a concoction of nonsense ignorantly packaged by the son of the old fool Ajima’aronu where he claimed Ilorin – Jebba road’s construction was influenced by Lai Mohammed through Fashola. The question I asked was that, when did Lai Mohammed turn a lawmaker to be able to inject the said road in the budget? The same Lai Mohammed, as a professional blackmailer, who was used to blackmail the same Fashola, when rift brewed between him and Lai’s boss and later used to fabricate the ground of Fashola’s indictment to prevent him from being nominated as Minister? Chai there is God ooo! Do these people think we have forgotten the movie titled “May your loyalty not be tested”? For your information, we have not forgotten because we are not suffering from brain cancers like you and your alatenuje father, we are only trying to be more courteous and discrete.

Coming back to the oloriburuku somebody, Mr. Sunday Ade alias Geri Alimi, it will be advisable for you to tell your pay masters that their gimmick has failed ab initio. We, people of Ilorin have a son with whom we are well pleased. No amount of propaganda by you and your likes will change that. As you and your cronies could see over the weekend, Saraki needs no external might to win elections anywhere he goes, as one of his loyalists just emerged victorious in a re-run Kwara House of Assembly election at your paymasters’ supposed stronghold – Kwara South.

You may decide to start using your real names and be engaging in intellectual discussions, going forward!