Communication as a tool for effective representation

Saraki with Dino Melaye

by @Dino_Melaye

Press Statement

I want to thank the people of Kogi West for the unalloyed support given to me so far, especially in the celebrated disagreement that erupted between myself and Sen. Remi Tinubu. Grasping the fact of the matter, in the face of infantile falsehood against my person. Your actions in the past few weeks have endeared and refresh my sense of service.
We have to keep the bond of understanding and solidarity as we renew our contracte du social. I will rebound your hope in Kogi West development.
My communication consultants are working on both simple and hi-tech communication platforms me and the people of Kogi West. From now, I am initiating a robust communication collaboration for the collective task ahead.
The platforms will collate your messages, proposals and suggestions which I will respond to every week. I am determined to build an unbreakable chord with the people of Kogi West. A vibrant communication platform will serve as antidote to the flurry of misinformation peddled by detractors.
My position as a Senator stems from your power to choose your representative. That power arrogates on me, the mandate to speak for you, speak to the issues that affect us as a people, speak against the issues that affect our people. We need a common action to lift up our dear Kogi West.
We need to start synchronizing the need for good leadership with that of good followership. A good followership makes a good leadership. I am prepared to act right and make us proud. I am prepared to work hard for all Kogi West people from Koto to Kabba, from Iyah Gbede to Kiri, from Mopa to Egbe. I am the symbol of your interest. I will never leave you in the lurch .
Having facilitated the award of the Obajana-Kabba road rehabilitation, kabba-Isanlu-Egbe-ilorin road is also in the 2016 budget facilitated by me. Iyara-Omuo has been advertised by FERMA,it is my responsibility to keep working towards ensuring the attraction of more federal projects to our Senatorial District.
Maternal mortality is one of the areas I am planning to extend intervention. I shall be making it a point of duty to focus international attention on the pandemic. It is an indictment on our commitment if lives are still lost in the process of giving birth to lives in the 21st Century. I will not be only loud on the issue, but will take necessary steps to redress the situation.
We have decided to properly structure our scholarship scheme to make it more effective in addressing the need of indigent students.
But more importantly, we have come up with a strong leadership brand, Brand Dino, to speak hope and responsibility into the lives of our next generation leaders. Societal models in music have signified their readiness to endorse the program that will fire up the youth to aspire. We can be the launch pad, we can be the impetus.
After four years, I want to be judged by my performance.
I am you.
Senator Dino Melaye
Senator Representing Kogi West