Kogi women blast Remi Tinubu , ask her to apologize

Dino Melaye
We the women of Kogi State have watched the news around our distinguished Senator representing the good people of Kogi west in the 8th senate concerning the alleged assault on his colleague Sen. Remi Tinubu and we have to at this time stand up to express our disappointment in our women for the role played so far. This call for this press briefing as we belief in politeness and will not take to the street as unguided women out there that have lost their sense of dignity.
In view of this, we want to state that as women in this country, we are disappointed that Remi Tinubu who was expected to speak for the women in the Red Chamber when various dis-humanity has been meted on Nigerian women to raise her voice in our defence, but rather, she has gone so far to express her arrogance and pride, to have insulted a ‘Man’ a distinguished Senator colleague. ‎This same Remi Tinubu embarrassed her Senate president and the Duputy Senate president on different occasion but nobody was sensitive enough to caution her.
The same women almost slapped Senator Rafiu Ibrahim from Kwara State, nobody demanded any apology or response from her or the entire Senator, why now? ‎The same woman deliberately sat on the Deputy Senate President seat to unnecessarily cause uproar, and nobody demanded an apology from her.
A woman was killed in Kano recently and she could not her voice in the red chamber in the defence of womanhood. ‎Just last week a woman preacher was killed and she did not hear despite it was in the new all over the world.
It was a shame on womanhood when we saw a woman on Monday morning, protesting on behalf of Remi Tinubu, with well printed placards as evidence that they were sponsored. Where were these people when other less privileged Nigerian Women were maimed.
The various people and groups that have gone to bourdilion to apologise, we want to ask, on whose behalf? Definitely not Kogi State, Not Kogi West and not our distinguished Senator Dino Melaye our pride but there selfish pockets. ‎We don’t want  to worry about the various threat on Senator Dino as we regard them as empty threat nothing torches Dino not even an hair must be remove from his head.
We want to state clearly that the National Leader of our party Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu should stay clear of this crisis and tame his wife to know how dignify herself in the public as a wife and mother. ‎Nigeria need direction, so, let every external forces stay off the legislators and allow them perform their duties in the interest of Nigerians.
So, we are proud of our Senator, we are in-tune with his activities and we are strongly behind him. No harassment, no intimidation, no threat can distract the JARMAN OF OKUTA Kingdom, THE AGBA AKIN of Ijesaland.
We therefore demand that Senator Remi Tinubu should as a woman, mother and wife be cautious enough to apologise the Senator Dino Melaye. As a culture Africa woman it is not womanlike to insult a man, not even in the public.
She should take a queue from the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Dora Akunyili, Hillary Clinton and other noble women around the world and the whole world would celebrate her.‎