It is sad to note that some people are falling victims of some misguided foreign political elements who have taken delight in using religious arena most especially during Muslim festivities to foment trouble and cause breach of public peace. This attitude is not only alien to our culture and tradition it is another clandestine political misadventure to portray Islam in bad perspective.  Islam as we all know is a religion of peace, love and harmony. 
While Ilorin is generally known nationwide as the custodian of Islamic culture, doctrine and tradition, hence we should strive to jealously promote and protect this historical endowment and resist any attempt by unscrupulous and unprogressive political elements to defecate and erode our cultural heritage.
It is a known fact that the hardship we are currently facing in terms of the delay in payment of salaries and the high cost of living is not peculiar to Kwara State alone. It is a general phenomenon globally occasioned by the general economic recession as a result of the dwindling economic fortune of the nation. 
One would also aggree that it was never like this in the first two terms of His Excellency, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki as well as the first tenure of the incumbent Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed when the nation was not in serious economic crisis as we are witnessing today. It also a known fact that His Excellency, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed is doing all that is humanly possible to turn around the economic fortune of the State in order to revert the trend. This efforts no doubt have started to yeild positive result in the State. All we need is a little patience for the Government to normalize the situation.
This is why I am using this medium to passionately appeal to the generality of people in the State to allow peace to reign during the forthcoming  Eid-El-Kabir festival most especially at the Eid praying ground. The people who are perpetrating these actions are political enemies of Kwara State. They are the ones who are not at ease with political fortunes the State is currently witnessing.
 It is a thing of joy and a rare privilege to have a Senate President, the number three citizen of Nigeria coming from Kwara State in the present political dispensation. With less than eighteen months as Senate President, Kwara has been witnessing immense benefits for having our son as the Leader of the National Assembly. Within the short period of his ascendency as the President of The Senate of the Federal republic of Nigeria, a lot of Kwarans have secured one appointment or the other at the National level while a lot of Federal projects have been slated for Kwara State. 
These efforts will thus have a lot of multiplier effects on the generality of people of the state and the country at large.  
We must therefore resist any attempts by the enemies of Kwara State to jeopardize this glorious opportunity to develop the State rapidly and for the people to enjoy the dividends of democracy to the fullest through the office of the Senate president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
 I therefore appeal to our mothers and the entire womenfolks in the State to prevail on their children and wards for them not to be used by trouble makers to disturb the peace of the State during the forthcoming Eid-El-Kabir festival. 
I wish everyone happy Eid-El-Kabir festival and I pray for God’s guidance and protection for our leaders.