4 ways video games can improve the life of a Nigerian

By Nkem Ndem

A majority of Nigerians have the erroneous belief that video games are time-wasters and that most of the audiovisual games available have a way of encouraging violence, including other social ills. Unfortunately,there is no tangible proof to ascertain the misconception, instead, new research shows that games offer plenty of positive benefits.

Wondering how this may be? We at Jumia Travel share some of the ways playing video games can actually improve your life.

Video games can improve vision

One would think that continuous focus on the screen while playing video game may be detrimental to the eyes; however, the opposite is the case! Research indicates that people who play video games, especially first-person shooters, can actually experience improvements in their vision rather than damage. An experiment on cataract patients has also shown that most begin to see things more sharply after playing video games.

They are a great way to acquire multi-tasking skills

Multi-tasking is a prized skill for individuals keen on productivity.  Playing video games does have an influence in how well once do when it comes to dealing with more than one task at a time. Certain video games are programmed in such a way that adults who played them, find that they are better able to deal with visual and auditory distractions simultaneously.  

They help boost social skills

A number of Nigerians find it difficult socializing, especially introverts and people with certain medical conditions such as autism. Video games such as ‘Pokémon Go’ have proven instrumental to helping these individuals gain their break through socially. Most online games offer plenty of opportunities to interact with other players and gamers who partake in these live social environments are actually the most communicative and friendly people there.

They help with Anxiety, stress and depression

There is no doubt that individuals tend to be more relaxed and experience a mood improvement while playing video games, thus it helps calm the nerves when anxious or eas feelings of depressions. Also, Video games, especially games of the violent variety, can actually give better coping skills for stressful situations.