​EXPOSED: Pocket Fighting Masqueradesas Kwara Freedom Fighters

“Egungun Be Careful, Na Express You Dey Go” — Part lll
By: Idyat Omolola Isiaq
One thing that keeps amazing me is that what does Lai Muhammad stand to gain in ganging up against Saraki in Kwara to the extent of bankrolling some jobless youths who are littering Kwara Based social media platforms with fabricated lies (slander and sedition) about the Senate President, Bukola Saraki.
I wasn’t surprised when the truth about the Lai’s e-rats was revealed days back on social media platforms, this is because every reasonable Kwaran knew they were sponsored to attack, denigrate, condemn, and instigate their innocent and gullible readers against the Kwara State Government and the Saraki Political Dynasty.
When they started, we knew it was a failure on arrival. They looked coordinated and organized in carrying out the onslaughts but they forgot to realize that no one fights destiny and wins. 
One who stands by God is the majority. Saraki is the “Odi Jeriko” which their forefathers couldn’t shake and one thousand and one of their pay master (Lai Muhammad) wouldn’t do anything to shake.
With their disgruntled posts which are full of academic nonsense and no meaningful impacts or contributions to the development of our dear Kwara, they occupy facebook both day and night when other people go about their daily activities. The idle rats resume and close work on facebook always looking for faults of the state government or the Sarakis.
They were fast to tag you as paid agents but always denied they received recharge cards for subscription to perform their daily duty of Saraki onslaught on facebook.
They remain agents of destruction under the watch of a PA to the masquerade master, William Adeleye.
Many thanks to those who brought their secret evil’s plans to the public.
Let’s remind you once more that not even your noise on facebook will give Lai the desired recognition he never worked for. He remains nothing but a paperweight in Kwara without the Saraki. Remove Saraki from him and he remains as empty as a “tin can” in Kwara politics.
It is intentional to leave out the roles of the Ajirotutus, the family of the alatenuje rebels, as plaid within and among the e-rats, it’s a topic for another day.
Let the agent provocateurs be reminded, “Egungun Be Careful, Na Express You Dey Go.”