​THE TRUTH: The herculean tasks before Saraki’s Senate on issues affecting Nigeria By Gegele Dayo

It is no gainsaying to be cock sure that there are a lot of responsibilities lying fallow before the National Assembly, particularly the upper legislative chamber which providence has placed under the sole supervision and control of a charismatic and indefatigable political warlord of contemporary Nigeria, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It is now pertinent and quite obvious that no jot of palpable development could be achieved in an environment and an atmosphere where rancour and acrimony happen to be the common song and rhythmic pace chosen to dance to by its inhabitants. 
Prior to the doused tension between the executive and the legislature some issues of national interest have begun to see light of the day; that is what power of agreement can accomplish within a tinkling of an eye. Meanwhile, it has now clearly dawned on the control-freaks who think they could continue to telewire activities at the corridor of power by making all and sundry dance to their tune unwittingly, that the folk they are dealing with is a hard nut to crack fellow when it comes to playing real and undiluted politics; after all Saraki dynasty’s hereditary logo is known to be pure politics. Dem don taste am and know that khaki no be leader!
However, the unfolding events, particularly issues bordering on the current economic shambles, the insecurity in most parts of the country, the skyrocketed unemployment, unpaid salaries, and the rests that APC led administration has failed to mitigate while chasing after shadows which Buhari government has tagged corruption fight are what we want to make an appeal to the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and other distinguised Senators to help us use their initiaves and wealth of experience to tackle the divers problems head-on before the citizens’ patience will run out of proportion, because left to Presidency, it seems the political will and wherewithal is lost. Undoubtedly, fighting corruption is generally and widely accepted in every clime because it is a cankerworm always battle-ready to annihilate; first the nation’s economy in all its ramifications, and lastly, I mean eventually drop the citizens dead systemically but putting cart before the horse in the art could be very presumptous and misleading.  
Apparently for the timely intervention of the Senate on the lingering salary palaver in most states of the federation, when the Senators through the advice of Dr. Saraki invited the Finance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun to explain the scenarios playing out as to how the states’ allocation from Federation Account has perpetually continue to dwindle. This singular act has yielded good result and consequently, allocations to all states of the federation since July had increased tremendously as against what was obtainable in the previous months since 2015.
In view of this, the Senate has received a boost of a vote of confidence from Nigerians not only in the country alone but also from across the world. For this exploit, the people would want the Red Chamber under the able leadership of Dr. Saraki to spread its tentacles to other areas where shoe pinches. The present economic situation is telling much on the citizens as some families hitherto, managing to ensure that they have three square meal are no longer capable to do so, and average young Nigerians are being coerced by the hardship to engage in various dubious and illicit acts. Many children are dropping out of schools not as a result of their inability to meet up with the rigours of academics but because their parents are no more capable of financing them, thereby the female ones among these wards are taking petty prostitution with increase in numbers of unwanted pregnancy and illegitimate children. 
Insecurity is feeding large on the soil as the recent upsurge in pipeline vandalism by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) and other insurgent groups in the south and the north, as well as that of fulani herdsmen’s carnage on indigenous farmers which have assumed a full dimension almost plunge our country’s economy into recession. All these and many others call for urgent action, hence this appeal to our dear Chairman of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki and other ebulient members of the Upper Chamber to use their charisma and wisdom to save Nigeria out of the myriads of quagmire it’s been entangled.
From the nooks and crannies of the nation, Nigerians of the crawling, the teenage, the youths, the adulthood, the aged and even including the deaf and dumb are emitting the moody feelings and unanimously echoed saying,’ Bukola Saraki, please save Nigeria; the Giant of Africa from the imminent collapse!