​Vibrant Senate Under Saraki.By Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji

Bukola Saraki

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s visionary leadership is transformative, penetrating the ordinary, and reaching through time to bring out the best he has to offer.  


Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki as a visionary leader anticipates events, influences the future, and he enables people to flourish in fundamental ways. He perceives the challenges and growth opportunities before they happen.
During his tenure as the Executive Governor of Kwara State, he repositioned Kwara State to produce extraordinary results that made real contribution to the socio-economic activities in the state. 
His visionary leadership is again been put to work at the National Assembly, working restlessly to bring Nigeria out of present economy mess she found herself. He has been putting in total involvement, tremendous work and continuous engagement to achieve the great goal of development we anticipated. No doubt, we still have a long way to go but with the visions and innovations laid down, we will surely get there.
Dr. Saraki often suffer opposition from all sides. Yet, the payoff is greater than anything imaginable: The personal reward that comes from making a genuine and substantive contribution to humanity.
I remember in 2003, when he was elected as the Executive Governor of Kwara State, His inspirational idea pulled together concepts from many disciplines and laid out a framework for the effective alleviation of poverty — no small task. He called for a holistic approach that put social concerns on equal footing with economic issues and, most importantly, put each Local Government in charge of its own success and the partnership that brought about the establishment of Shonga Farms. While many heralded these new ideas, he initially received criticism from all corners: Denounced as a turn away from the necessary, hard-line economic approach. Yet, today this framework has been embraced on a National scale and is often the reference for the creation of new policies addressing National diversification.
Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki not only have a clear idea of what is possible, he involved in bringing it about. He saw the great potential in associations that brought about profound changes in the ways people associate for the benefit of humanity and peaceful co-existence in the Senate. Among the qualities he cultivated are imagination, engagement, tangible results, and penetrating self-reflection. 
When he was the Executive Governor of Kwara State, he used a strong imagination to envision the future with clarity that brought about development in quality education, (KWASU and Aviation College in the State) health,( Diagnostic center), infrastructures and many more. His innovative mind made it possible for him to know the courses of action to be taken. He didn’t shirk from the overwhelming complexity of the State; instead he engaged society with its competing, divergent viewpoints. In order to marshal the best possible chance of success, he communicated effectively: shared and listened, built his knowledge through collaboration and personal yearning to make a lasting, social contribution.


Dr. Saraki always put in the time, energy, and attention necessary to generate tangible results and gives everything to bring out the best, often plunging his personal depths to build from within leaders and good ambassadors. His power of imagination has helped the Nigerian Senate in a lot of ways in increasing performance, ultimately anticipating and influencing the future that will enable the government to position Nigeria in the best possible way to achieve the results we are looking for. The payoff will come in satisfying objective ways, and delivering tangible results to Nigerians.
With vibrant NASS, Nigeria will be well positioned to usher in a new era of development. This means being ready to harvest opportunities before they happen while the NASS is prepare to produce the exceptional results that will make a real contribution to Nigeria.