My Marriage Is Intact – Mashood Mustapha

My attention was just drawn to a publication on The Nation Newspaper and online platforms aimed at soiling my personality titled “How Bukola Saraki’s Special Adviser, Moshood Mustapha’s marriage crashed”. One would have considered silence golden on the libel from low profiled and politically sponsored media platforms but for the sake of the undiscerning minds, putting records straight is key as my lovely wife remains Hajia Taibat Mustapha and right here under my roof. I love her so much and would continue to do no matter the natural challenges marriage offers.

Marriage is indeed an institution that is full of challenges and no matter how long one dwells in it, one becomes a learner day-by-day. For this reason, a miniature hitch in anybody’s marriage needs not being in public domain, let alone used to score cheap political points, particularly over 2019. From time immemorial, I am not a politician of propaganda and I can never be. I am of the school of thought that believes “your goodwill and monumental achievements” should speak for you not “bringing other people’s personality to mud” before you excel life. 
In a nutshell, my marriage stands now and forever. I have a very happy home and do not pray anybody has a broken home. It is the marriage of the perpetrators of the propaganda that will crash not mine. You, the agent provocateurs should be warned as i can assure you that your identities and reasons for calling for my head aren’t hidden. 
Hon. Mashood Mustapha,

Special Adviser Intra-Parliamentary Affairs, Special Duties and Protocol Matters to Nigeria Senate President.