​Bukola Saraki: My Leader, Our Leader Was Never Selfish But Patriotic By Kayode Abdullahi

Senate President Bukola Saraki is a man of an impeccable character who derives joy in making his people happy with almost all he has. This, unarguably is an inherited trait from his dad, the late Oloyee whose humanitarian and financial generosity was compared to none in the whole black continent during his lifetime. So, if anybody claims Senate President Saraki is selfish now, that means the person is living with the thousands of fabricated lies by the members of opposition APC in the state to drag his personality through mud. Of course, some members within Kwara APC whose roots were traced to a Southwest leader of the party also play a bigger role in the calumnious campaign all in the name of rejuvenating their party with which they contested for governorship in Kwara and never won their polling units more than a decade ago. What a shame!

Without mincing words, Saraki has no other base than here. Kwara is indeed his major concern. This is a man who has injected projects that worth billions in the national budget for Kwara State. Unequivocally, if not for the financial crunch facing the nation that did not allow the full implementation of the 2016 budget, Kwara state would have witnessed unprecedented developments that would have positioned it into first class status in the global consideration. Yes I trust my leader! This is a man who, apart from making many Kwarans legislative aides and Staff of National Assembly and getting handsome salaries and allowances, since June 9 2016 when he ascended the seat of Senate Presidency, has also brought hundreds of federal jobs for mainly Kwarans. These jobs, the better jobs indeed which included NNPC, CBN, FIRS, PEF, NDIC and so on, were given to Kwarans. Obviously not Saraki’s children. So how is he selfish? 

In spite of the thick political hounding, victimizations and distractions since the glorious 9th of June, year 2016, he still, as a leader who strongly believes in the smiles of his people back home as his own strength, accomplished all these monumental strides for Kwarans.  We understand everybody can not be his beneficiary at same time but with time, the juice of the highly coveting office would be tasted by all and sundry. Dear Saraki’s haters who circulate and diffuse nonsensical slander and sedition faster and claim Saraki is involved in Kwara LG and SUBEB workers’ ordeals, have you also spread the good news of the 8th Senate under our leader, His Excellency, Distinguished Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki passing of the Local Government Autonomy Bill? 

Senator Saraki is a patriot whose political wisdom doesn’t lie on words but his goodwill and positive impacts on people. Alas! He remained the irremovable and strongest Senate President Nigeria ever got. His sterling performances and leadership acumen which earned him the best Senate President has also in few days back made him “The Beautiful Bride Of Nigeria Politics”. If you guys are so broke to buy newspapers to read the wit of this “The Beautiful Bride Of Nigeria Politics” to see for yourself, this, however, can be perused via this same www medium you blackmail the innocent man. Abi una dey switch off data ni? Lol! 

The educated illiterates truly have a lot to learn to be certified discerning minds. Taking it as a responsibility to tutor their gullibility is certainly a clarion service.

Agent provocateurs should be warned. Our leader deserves some respects!