By Taofeek Sanusi
The administration of His Excellency, Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed has been working round the clock to ensure that dividends of democracy are brought to the Kwarans’ door steps, since its inception on the 29th of May, 2011. One of the testimonials to the statement above is the completion of International Vocational Technical Centre, Situated at Ajase Ipo, where acquisition of vocational and entrepreneurial skills is at its zenith.
Prior to the winding up of the governor’s first tenure, the Block Laying Foundation ceremony of the project worth hundreds of millions was done, like a mirage, on Tuesday, 20th December, 2016, the contractor who was in charge of the project handed it over to the Kwara State government. The IVTEC is aimed at providing skills to the Kwarans and intrested people in and outside the country in the areas such as Automobile, Building and Construction, Carpentry, Welding and Electrical Engineering. IVTEC  is first of its kind in Nigeria as the instructors would be trained abroad, and the school itself has been linked with the university in New York for management and technical collaboration.

However, IVTEC establishment is a blessing to not only the Kwarans but also non Kwarans who enrol. It has brought acquisition of  vocational and entrepreneurial skills to the finger tips of the people in grand style.
Also, with IVTEC establishment, no doubt, significant number of Kwarans would get employment and with this, the rate of unemployment is dipping in the state.
In addition, with sophisticated physical and material resources already provided in IVTEC as well as the proposed well grounded workers which would be put in there, there would be no iota of compromise in the quality of its outputs. As its outputs continue to gain recognition in and outside the country, the level of patronage would continue to be on the upswing, and this would boost more the internal revenue generated by the Kwara State government.
IVTEC as it is, is not only a cynosure of peoples’ eyes but also a point of call as it is a world class centre which is second in the country. This would attract people across the globe and is a blessing to the people of Ajase Ipo and other neighbouring communities as the IVTEC would boost their socio-economic activities because of infrastructural facilities which that end would benefit.
Last but not the least, people do not need to travel abroad to get their desired needs or services in the areas of Carpentry, Welding, Automobile, Building and Construction and Electrical Engineering, as IVTEC has brought those services and needs to their door steps.
In fact, IVTEC is a good initiative from Kwara State government, which would benefit people under working age, irrespective of their academic qualifications.
Kudos to His Excellency, Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed.

Sai Maigida!