I have dwelled all my life in the home of a prolific author of books rich enough to earn the award of a noble Laurette, yet I have never for once deemed it fit to express my feelings in writing.
My first encounter with this man of noble character melted my hard heart about people in power and truly gave me a new hope. Call it love at first sight and you will definitely not be wrong in your choice of words.
The Kwara South Senator, who is currently the Chairman Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions, Dr. Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim (PhD, FCIB), is a man who believes that a life is not well spent until you spread your kind gesture to people in need. You think you have a heart of gold? It is because you have not met this man whose humility is immeasurable.
The day I had the greatest opportunity of standing before this man of great honour, gave me a perfect understanding that truly, angels dwell among human being.
An ant is known for its self discipline character but be an associate of RIB and you will surely be convinced that the self discipline of an ant is nothing to his.
A spider connects the past with the future by creating possibilities, live with RIB and you are sure an angel has been sent to close your door of impossibilities.
Ever before this moment, I have always believed that the characters of people in power can only be compared to that of a tortoise who is known for its cunning ways and can always deceive to get whatever its heart desires but Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim has showed me that truly, he is the messiah of his constituency who has come to fix their broken ribs.
His achievements so far in creating jobs for quite a number of unemployed youths and some still in view is a clear indication that indeed the cap has been given to whom it befits.
His active participation at the “top” is second to non. Indeed, Kwara southerners are fortunate to have an active and outspoken representative in the Nigerian Senate.
Young in politics yet he has achieved more than what some will take centuries to accomplish. He joined politics in 2009, and has succeeded in creating a better future for those he represents.
As a financial expert, one would believe Senator Rafiu Ibrahim is better off as a banker but many thanks to the political icon of all time, who made him saw the potential of what he is today in him. The most memorable moment in one’s life is to see a person who had the opportunity of wining and dining in your cup of knowledge demonstrate the acquired knowledge in all phases of his life. Truly, OUR LEADER is the greatest achiever.
Leadership although an ambiguous word means the capacity of someone to lead typically two or more people. While a leader in the other hand is an individual that leads or directs. A leader being conferred the authority is a guide, coordinator, commander, conductor or chief. What other achievement can be as great as a leader per excellence giving birth to a leader. Apparently, the mentorship of OUR FATHER is not in vain for all this would not have been an accomplishment without the total support and unrelenting efforts of DR. Abubakar Olushola Saraki. A true leader whose right leg is on the valley of simplicity and fidelity, whose heart beckoned in clarity and gentility to the race of humanity. The man who is enigmatically acknowledged and recognized even by the blinds. For his heart is a tributary of love, affections and a justification for an absolute transparency.
Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, the very man whom within the short period of his representation has been able to lead the people of Kwara South to the natural water stream to drink and bake breads for the good people of Kwara South to eat. Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, remains a strong hold in the entire Kwara South and beyond.
Apparently, in the venerable, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim has been able to demonstrate kindheartedness as a worthy representative, an acme indication of his leadership is depicted as he has reduced several orphanage homes or foster homes level of financial problems, created job opportunities for his constituents by ensuring that colony of beggars is reduced through the recent empowerment scheme, scholarships, school fees, provision of educational materials, financial support for small and medium businesses, recommendations of unemployed graduates for jobs among others.
The aforementioned sacrifices, contributions, and achievements made me truly believe that indeed, it is a new dawn in Kwara South.