#MadeInNigeria Challenge by @BukolaSaraki #MadeInNigeriaChallenge

Good morning, as a Nigerian youth, I know we are blessed with a lot of ideas but the reality is that we are always under rated but history is changing and new stories are being written by the @bukolasaraki led Senate. This new #MadeInNigeria challenge is an easy and sincere initiative aimed at setting the standard for the development of this nation. 
Do you produce anything or have a friend/family whose product is a sure alternative or could be a sure alternative to any foreign product??? This is a time to be part of history as the Nigerian Senate invites you to do a short video between 45 seconds to 3 minutes showcasing what you have to offer, share your video across social media platforms and youtube using the hash tag #MadeInNigeria so as to reach the panels gathering these videos. 
At the end of the challenge, original and genuine contents shall be selected, refined and sponsored to meet international standards through the involvement of regulating agencies such as SON and also legislation to back such ideas shall be handle by the NASS.
Spread the word to everybody you know, iron port makers, clay port makers, local engineers, designers and all other original contents alternative manufacturers.  
(Ĺet me know if you need any further assistance).