Paris Club Fund: Stop Character Assassination, @KwaraAPC Warns

The All Progressives Congress in Kwara State has said it appreciates the official press statement by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) which cleared the air on the allegations concerning the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and the Paris Club Loan Refund issue.

The party said it was not surprised that the press statement issued by the EFCC has put a lie to fabrications by an online news medium, Sahara Reporters, which alleged that Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, and business man, Aliko Dangote, received payments from the NGF out of the Paris Club refund.

“As a party, we believe the official statement of EFCC on the matter merely reinforced our considered view that the allegations by Sahara Reporters were just part of its consistent peddling of lies not supported by any fact and aimed at tarnishing the reputation of good people in the society.

“It is now time for the EFCC to look inward and devise means to warn its staff members from getting involved with the mischievous online medium which is fond of quoting its officers whenever it has no credible evidence to back up its fabricated stories. In fact, the agency should advise all its officers to steer clear of all forms of association with Sahara Reporters, otherwise the impression being created that EFCC is using the online medium to prosecute media trial against suspects will become sustainable.

“Now that EFCC itself has dismissed claims that the Senate President collected N3.5bn and facilitated the payment of N5bn to Dangote as published by Sahara Reporters, we demand that the online platform should retract the false story and apologize to the Senate President and Alhaji Dangote with immediate effect.

“We hereby alert the public to the game of blackmail and character assassination that Sahara Reporters is playing by spreading lies against prominent individuals. For instance, how on earth will the online platform allege that anyone got N3.5bn without having a shred of evidence to support the false claim. Is N3.5bn a small money that anyone can tuck under his kaftan or table?

Kwara APC also wishes to call on the public to be wary of these purveyor of lies, falsehood and fabrications. We urge the good people of Kwara State to disregard baseless and unfounded rumour. Our people should know that the promoters of these rumour and fabrications are the same elements who have been working ceaselessly to stereotype our leader, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki since he emerged as Senate President against their wish”, the Kwara APC stated.