​Democracy Day Video; A Propaganda To Discredit Kwara State Government

“All art is propaganda. It is universally and inescapably propaganda, sometimes unconsciously, but often deliberately, propaganda.” – Upton Sinclair. 

Opposition elements in Kwara State are now employing all sorts of propaganda to discredit the present administration of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed. 
In one of their latest propaganda, a Facebook page, “Kwara Must Change” sponsored by the Opposition uploaded video of a June 2016 protest by NULGE and presented it as if it just occurred. This was done simply to embarrass the government.
It is highly mischievous and despicable to exhume the video of a protest staged in 2016 by NULGE, which was unfortunately hijacked by elements suspected to have been sponsored by the same opposition, and present it like it just happened. 
It is also part of the characteristics of the opposition to use an event hijacked by miscreants who were eventually arrested by the police to score cheap political point. 
I would, therefore, advise members of the public to disregard the video as there has not been any protest by any group or individual against the government in recent time.