​Kwara 8 Teachers Per School: Stop spreading rumours, get your facts right By Lawal Surajuden Don-Koga

It amazes me that someone somewhere can just concoct lies upon lies all in the name of finding a means to discredit the sound governance of His Excellency, Dr. AbdulFatah Ahmed of Kwara State.

Hahaha! How on earth can there be a policy of 8 teachers per school? This itself is funny and not worth believing by sane readers.
Having done a personal research into this fallacy and came about that nothing is further to the truth other than the article came from a powerful and bittered personality (name withheld) who feels his soiled hands needs not be removed from the treasure of this state therefore has embarked upon a campaign of calumny. Well, time shall tell who is fooling who.
And the last time I checked, which was about 10:45pm last night, the Geri Alimi under pass being constructed is way beyond a 10metre project. Does it really matter the length of the project? What the project is aimed at correcting ought to be our interest.
Infact, these acts of creating a nebulous state by disgruntled elements is making me feel sorry for Maigida.
As much as tons of lies are being heaped upon him, so as much is being done by him to micro manage the affiars of the State.
I believe the SSA media, Dr. Akorede and all the commissioners are on all major platforms being used to distribute these falsehoods, you can ask them directly any perturbing issues and get hold of your facts so as not to feed the public with a steady stream of convoluted lies.
Kwara State may have had it poor in the distant past, but the art of restructuring, rebuilding and rebranding just as the state is currently undergoing is deserving of a pat on the back.
Anyway, little time remains for all the dots of projects to be connected, then it shall be seen that indeed Kwara is a bankable State.
Lawal Surajuden Don-Koga Is A Kwara Based Young Entrepreneur