​#OpenNass: WHO IS A LIAR? By: Adam Elfulany

Before now, we have heard different instigated stories about the take home of our National Assembly members. According to them, each Senator collected N36m per month, while each of the HOR member goes home with N25m. 

When it was calculated together, per annum, the take home of all members HOR was N108b while that of the Senators was N47.088b and when we calculated it together it gave us N155,088,000,000 (N155.088b) for just only the HOR Members and Senators without their aids and other staff of the National Assembly as an institution which has many departments.

Now the NASS under the leadership of the Nigerian Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki released the details of their budget, with N125b for the overall budget of the entire NASS.

In the released budget, N80.4b is the total take home for both Senators and HOR Members contrary to the lies we were fed with.

Kudos to the entire NASS members with the courage and transparency spirit to have made open their long awaited budget of the National Assembly. 

However, can we then make similar call to the Executive and Judiciary arms of government to make public their annual expenditure as contained in the budget too. 

In a simple call, don’t politicize your brain, any time you receive story, be fair enough to make verification and try to be just in your submission. 

Funny enough, the people involved in the fabrication to delude the innocent masses were those who are perceived as respected brothers, sisters, Comrades, Human Right Activists all in the name of concern citizens of the country. What a pity! 

Twisted story, fabricated lies as well as pure propaganda are not the solutions to the Nigerian problems. Also, sentiment, hatred, instigating one against another will do us no good, but sincerity of purpose, honesty, truth, plane mind, as well as selflessness are the best solutions to the Nigerian problems.

Sycophancy and hypocrisy will definitely bear no good for us as a nation because majority of these fabricators/instigators are paid for their services.  They are the same set of people who are quick to tag others as paid agent especially those trying to balance their arguments with facts. 

Because you are paid to cook propaganda shouldn’t make it difficult for you to believe that not everyone is paid to make comments on the state of our nation.
God bless Nigeria