Every era celebrates different pioneers. It is never an error that different times are noted for different people who have been sampled for a lot of beautiful skills. Needless to say that in different spheres of life, a number of figures are recognized not for their wonderful ways nor their spectacular traits, but for the question of dynasty which nobody except nature fits to answer. Similarly, there is no gain in saying that in political sphere, Senator Bukola Saraki is a pioneer. He has been lucky to come under a dynasty worth cherishing. Here is why.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that, what amounts to question has certain problem to address or solve. In every debate however, an hiccup, if not many, is anticipated to be corrected. It’s also known for certain that he who is given a mandate by nature to rule appears difficult to be subjugated. Hence, our veteran, endowed, deft, and exceedingly decisive politician, the golden son of Kwara State has really proven to be one among many in ways and deeds. Before he emerged the President of the Senate, many stories that authenticated his being for the benefits of beings were told. He served and is still serving the course for which he was created. Now, no second passes and minutes come without his name being mentioned in our political circle. For me and many others who appreciate his unique political prowess, this is just a start!
Another beautiful story now unfolds. This amiable political maven has deemed it necessary to come out with a wonderful face, out of his subliminal love to make change happen, by passing budget before public eye. This attests to his flair for accountability and zeal to entrench good governance in the country. There is no doubt that as he does, many are indirectly inspired. So much to say about this rare gem lies in the fact he has been made to lead.
As many must have acknowledged and some discountenanced since it’s normal, he has just demonstrated a tinge of his beautiful ambition for Kwara and kwarans. So much to say about his predilection for education and improved living conditions of his people. His reign as a governor witnessed many ginormous achievements such as the reconstruction of the state aviation and establishment of that all-important, resourceful Kwara State university Malete. At least, these have presented him well. Similarly, in his never-ending desire to assist the underprivileged, he of late sponsored thousands of kwarans for the ongoing UTME. It will also appear fascinating to bring to the fore of notice, perhaps for those who must have been thinking that he has not been doing well, his renovation of street lamps, channelling for good drainage in different parts of the state and many more to talk about.
At this juncture, one may stop and react to seemingly gushing innuendos about him over the years. It is usually true that he who has been positioned right faces challenges. Be that as it may, there is the need for us as kwarans to understand that the man is with us more than he is to others. Different steps he has taken so far should communicate to us that many more of his good hands are in sight. Although he must do more because we also need more, our voice has impact on the reality we anticipate. 
To make it short and simple, Senator Bukola Saraki, a visionary leader to his fingertips and a political doyen with humanitarian views, means more to us; he really deserves to be appreciated for all he has done and is doing. In the same way, the cause of his unchallengeable dynasty makes us have the unfading confidence that he has more to do by God’s grace.
Senator AbdulRahman AbdulKareem, Al-Ilory Writes From Ilorin