​We Haven’t Introduced 8-Teacher Per School Policy – KWSG

The Kwara State Government on Tuesday dismissed as untrue information circulating on the social media that it has introduced an-8 teachers per secondary school policy.

In a statement on its facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Kwaragovt/?fref=nf), the State government emphasized that it had no such plan and urged the public to disregard the report.
The statement explained that during a state-wide inspection of schools by the State Ministry of Education and officials of the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), it was discovered that some schools did not have enough teachers while others had more teachers than required.
It noted that on the basis of this and to prevent a recurrence, the State government came up with a policy that a minimum of eight qualified teachers must be in any secondary school at any point in time.
The statement further clarified that this does not mean that a school is stopped from having more than eight teachers at a time or that the government is posting only eight teachers to a school.
Additionally, it disclosed that the State government is working towards achieving a teacher-student ratio of 1-30 across secondary schools in the State and also build supporting infrastructures in the schools.
The statement, therefore, noted that there is no truth to the rumour circulating online that the State government has a new policy of posting eight teachers per secondary school.