A MUST READ: ​#KwaraAt50; Only The Charlatans Find No Reason To Celebrate By @Shewn007 Arab

I am so sad for the state of my state even at 50, I’m so sad that I wanted to put together a short piece but the will power is not just enough to do so. 

Is this where we should be even after 50 years? What do we have to show for our age? 
I’m sure you might be thinking that the successive governments in Kwara have failed us but who said building a state of our dream is a sole responsibility of the government? 
Do you know that most of the developed nations thrive on the contributions of private individuals?
We are obviously our own enemies, Our problem is within us and honestly the Government has tried considering the available and obtainable resources in Kwara. 
Despite the fact that Lagos State is an industrialised State that can’t be compared with any other State in Nigeria in terms of allocation and IGR , some educated illiterates do not even know Lagos State Government is not the highest employer of Labour in Lagos state while In Kwara State, it’s a different ball game  . I am not surprised though, because these elites’ minds are beclouded with political hatred for the ruling class in the state. hence, the deliberate blackmails cum perpetual concoction of nonsense for undiscerning minds to swallow.
Same people who will accuse the state government is privatizing all establishments are the same people shouting that there are nothing to show despite the government’s frequent publicity that Harmony Holdings, which manages some of the bastardized government companies by the past bureaucrats, is hers 100%. Have you not scared the man in power from building new state owned infrastructures? At least like that, there won’t be anything you will allege him of confiscating.
Same people that will say the government should not sell lands are the same people saying there are no development. Are the lands in those states with which you compare Kwara not so sold that even the waterways are already occupied for sand filling and high rise building construction?
These sets of people are the same sets who only criticise without any contribution in their little way, these are sets of people you can’t find in the developed states because citizens of these developed states are actively involved and properly engaged in developmental strides. 
The developed states will never sell out their sons, they stand by them come rain come shine, but Kwarans, Ilorites especially, will never appreciate their own and yet we want development. 
If Abdulkareem Adisa, Gen. Babatunde Idiagbon, others had remained till today, I’m sure we will be branding them as a thieves today or did we appreciate them while alive? 
Apart from the huge federal allocation and IGR obtainable in Lagos, Individuals in Lagos made nice contributions to the development of Lagos, what have you contributed rather than the notion that you are a slave? What am I even saying! Are these not the same charlatans who visit Kwara, their state, but stay in the hotels simply because they don’t want any of their family members to seek financial assistance over children’s education, business expansion aids etc. Yet they talk about no development!
In spite of the fat FAAC and IGR, no Lagosian came out to condemn about a hundred billion loan she obtained at the beginning of Buhari led administration, yet none of these politically induced Kwarans commended Governor Ahmed of Kwara state for reducing the intended 10 billion naira developmental loan to half, owing to the country’s ugly economic situation. 
Kwara is our own and it’s for us all. Only if we know it is beyond grammars on Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Twitter and blogs by some egocentric Kwarans who refer to themselves as elites.
The youths like Mr. Otukoko Olayinka Ibraheem, Tajudeen Eleku Adeta, Abdulrahman Taofik Olayinka, AbdulFatai Yahaya Gambari, Abdulrahman Kayode, Baba Idris, Oba Ahmed Olanrewaju and few others are Kwarans who rather than criticizing, they are making a statement and being involved. Sadly enough, some of these elites who find not good in everything Kwara state government does are in their 50s, 60s and above. Just imagine a rebel at 60! Some have even initiated their children into the rebellion. business.
If you don’t stop the idea that you are a slave right now, in another 50 years, your generation would still have achieved nothing aside finding means to escape from a prison that you created for them.

Lagos will work because not every one is criticizing the Government and hoping the government come help them clean their compounds. 
Compare Lagos to Kwara only when you can think like a lagosian who doesn’t think he is a slave nor wishing to have his daily ends meet provided by the government. 
Tinubu decided every thing that happens in Lagos but your mate in Lagos still wake up and go to Alaba, Computer Village, Ladipo and other markets daily rather than say he is a slave.

Stop behaving like a bastard, stop believing you are a slave, WAKE UP, hustle hard and let’s celebrate your breakthrough.
Happy birthday Kwara, God bless all the Kwarans.