Bankole Omishore, Hero Of #OpenNass By Surajudeen Lawal (Don Koga)

​The furore over #OpenNass has come and gone, but a particular voice was surprisingly vocal in a manner that speaketh of assurances.

The words of Bankole Omishore, the Special Assistant on New Media to President of the Senate.

“I would resign, if the Senate fails to lay the 2017 budget, together with the National Assembly budget.”

Since I’ve known Mr. Bankole Omishore aka Banks, he’s been a guy with fierce loyalty to his principal, rain or sunshine. 
Snippets of gossips abound in Washington of his doggedness and tenacious focus on any given task, (news for another day).
The Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has shown the Nation, nay the World that as he’s a man of astuteness, he surrounds himself with people of notable characters.
Because of his love of country, trust in his principal, the suave Senate President ABS and believe in the positive progress of the 8th Senate, Bankole Omishore put his career on the line, by vowing to resign in the advent of “No #OpenNass”!.
I believe this young man deserves to be commended for giving the youths of the Nation hope, that indeed we can be taken serious if and when we promote a trustworthy personality.
Bankole Omisore has shown the world that he trust his Principal, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Chairman of the 8th Assembly explicitly and the Senate President, ABS too made sure the trust is not misplaced.
Thanks to the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki for a tenacious and worthy employment of the hardworking Bankole on his team.

Maybe, maybe not the action of the always active bundle of brain ala Banks’ role in the #OpenNass will be known in the future shall be determined if and when he does decides to publish his memoirs.
Does he plan to publish one?
Bankole Omishore “Banks” deserves an ovation.

Lawal Suraj’deen Don-Koga Is A Kwara Based Young Entrepreneur