​7 Double Standards in Nigeria by Oke Umurhohwo

My mentor once said Nigeria is a Nation with #DoubleStandards and I totally agree.

#DoubleStandard 1

The Code of Conduct Tribunal discharged Tinubu and many of us applauded him. Same to Saraki and we cry foul.
#DoubleStandard 2

Saraki hired five SANs and we criticize him. Buhari hired 13 SANs on Certificate case and we applaud him #DoubleStandard
#DoubleStandard 3

Adeyemi Ikuforiji, the Speaker of the 7th Lagos State House of Assembly was tried by EFCC but never vacated as Speaker, we kept quiet. Saraki didn’t but we are crying foul #DoubleStandard
#DoubleStandard 4

Ikuforiji was acquitted of 54 count charge after a no-case submission, APC celebrated this. Saraki was similarly acquitted and discharged from an 18-count charge after a no-case submission – but we allude to judicial complicity.
#DoubleStandard 5

It was fine for Fashola, Fayemi, Aregbesola and Osinbajo etc to follow Tinubu to all court appearances during his CCT trial. It became corruption for Saraki’s comrades in the Senate to accompany him to court. #DoubleStandard
#DoubleStandard 6

Osinbajo intervened in the corruption probe against Sanusi, Professor Itse Sagay went dumb. Saraki presented himself for trial for over 627 days, still, you say that corruption is fighting back.
#DoubleStandard 7

When the Senate report indicted Babachir Lawal last year, Buharists still blamed the Senators for corruption. When the Presidency suspended Babachir Lawal based on the Senate’s investigation, Buharists never praised Senators. #DoubleStandard
Why the #DoubleStandard? Because many of us react based on prejudice, political interests and selective perception.
– Oke Umurhohwo –