​SARAKI’S CCT TRIUMPH;A CALL FOR SOBER REFLECTION. By: AbdulRaheem  Sarafadeen, From Ilorin. 

The Senate President’s victory over the just concluded CCT trial against him, 
add more credence to the postulation that:”good without evil is not given to man”,

(Thomas P. Love, English essayist and Poet 1785-1866).
Just immediately after Bukola Saraki emerged as the Senate President,

Some Set of aggrandised APC stake holders who believed his emergence does not suit their selfish interest,sees CCT as an option to denigrate his personality. 
At the beginning of the CCT trial, the likes of Danladi, Rotimi and Wetkas are the main arrow

heads exploited by the self acclaimed owners of APC and government within government to carry out this ”Pull Him Down Mission”. 
It all started with 13 Counts Charges, increased to 16 and finally 18 counts charges against Saraki.The Cross Examination from SP’s Defence Counsels  technicaly finished the whole Case.The defence team Opted for the defence of No Case submission, and On Wednesday the 14th of June 2017, CCT discharged and acquitted Bukola of all the 18 Counts Charges and held further that Saraki has no case to answer. 
Right from the inception, we told the wailers that the case is witchunting, Smokescreen, Vendetta and Calculated attempt to denigrate the personality of Senate president.Many Wailers which I need not mentioning their names turned themselves to media judges, passing  different verdicts on social media over this issue before the final Judgement. This will serve as a lesson for you that not all information that appears to you via media is meant for consumption without proper scrutiny.For those Wailers that Sowore and Sahara had spoonfed this is the right time for you to swallow your puke.


Reflecting on the above postulation,It is Imperative to draw Senate President’s 

attention to the rationale behind the Malicious prosecution and subsequent victory:

a.The Emergence of Bukola Saraki as the Senate President is the goodness 

 naturally associated with his personality. 
b. The CCT trial represents an evil that associated with goodness. 
c. The Mischievous information invented  by unscrupulous elements against the Senate  President  represents the general trial of Life; i.e life is not always a bed of roses. 
d. The recent triumph from the CCT’s pronouncements is an impression of the fact that 

  there is always light at the end of the tunnel, I see a brighter future for ABS!
e. The SP should forgive the Cabals of government within governments that Orchestrated the trial. For simple reason that it is in Bukola’s nature to do good while it is in their nature to do evil. 


We all have one lesson or the other to take home from 

Senate President scenario, all media guys should realise 

that greatness can never be achieved by character assassinations. 

“Greatness is a spiritual Condition worthy to excite love, interest, 

and admiration; and the outward proof of possessing greatness is that

we excite love, interest and admiration”. (Mathew Arnold, 1822-88,English poet) 

This is the traight we see in him, he excited our love, we developed interest in him 

and we admire him. No amount of character assassination can reduce my love for him.I would rather love him more. 

While enjoying the victory as it last, I implore the Senate President to be wary of another evil tactics which might be adopted by Sahara, Sowore and their Co evil sponsor to assassinate your character. 

Congratulations Turakin Ilori 

Congratulations  Turakin rayyan Kassa Nupe

Congratulations  Dikko of Potiskum

Congratulations  Ajaguna of Ibadan Land 

Congratulations  Baba Adini of Ansarul Islam World wide. 

Even the WAILERS submitted to faith and congratulate you.