​Saraki’s CCT Victory Is A Momentous Triumph By Abdulrahman Al-ilory

Many a question is always raised in anticipation of answers but not all questions deserve answers. In most cases, we try to understand the absurd until the reality comes that not all seen and felt is susceptible to analysis. This is always the case for a person whose steps and fame are ordained. The distinguished President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki, in all ramifications, fits the bills. He’s really an answer to many questions as per the supremacy of nature.

It came too early and perhaps unexpected to those who thought the sifter would break in the course of work. Many waited to see the humiliation of a figure assisted by nature and controlled by the fine edge of circumstances. Hardly they knew they were making mistakes. They tried hard to massacre the thread in the face of several warnings from the needle of time. At different intervals, writings replaced one another, meetings upon meetings to undermine the course when they ought to have left the race for the racer. Instead of making it unnecessary, many idle bodies crooked many lies, just for selfish gains, to downplay and challenge the unchallengeable dynasty. Thank God the story has ended while the striking glory remains unstained.
It’s never surprising, however, that he who lives in the home of favour battles with many problems. He must be flayed, even when it’s least expected, because he is the cynosure of all eyes and the talk of the moment, for many outstanding traits. By analogy, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, having been overtaxed by the desire to do more, found a space in the talks of argument that praises development. His months under trial rejuvenated his fame and ornamented his garment of uniqueness. It’s drab to recall a sandy means that gave way to unsurpassed victory.
Distinguished President of the Senate, ride on; the height you have reached still sounds that the sky’s your limit. We write to thank ALLAH for His doing in all you do and His guidance on  which you rest. No smidgen of doubt exists in our minds that you have many things to offer. It’s our prayer that you continue live, live and live under the canopy of divine mercy and God, the source of your inspiration.