​Why Not the Best? The Inspiring Appointment Of Ismael AhmedBy Muhammed Abdullahi

It is true what they say, that when you live for others, others live for you. And so it was that while the large army of youths across the country were grumbling and complaining and nagging on behalf of Barr. Ismaeel Ahmed, reminding the government of the contributions he made to the APC campaigns and asking that he be given appointment; Ismail himself consistently warned his followers to desist from clamoring for appointment on his behalf. 

He emphasized that his modest contributions to the APC victory were not because of the position he crave but rather to guarantee the youth constituency a space on the decision making table. Despite his warning, the progressive youths would not stop asking the government to reward their leader, a man they have come to know and love.
Therefore, when news filtered in that the Ag. President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has graciously approved the appointment of Barr. Ismaeel Ahmed as a Senior Special Assistant to the President on Social Investment Programmes; progressive youths nationwide could not hide their excitement. 
Joy was so palpable in the air that you can even catch the obvious feeling in your hands. A torrent of excitement was unleashed and some even began to undertake independent initiatives to celebrate the appointment. It was such a great feeling to see youths from every parts of Nigeria jubilating in celebration of a man they love, not only for  his good looks but also because of his high intellect and his unparalleled ability to manage the combustible union of restless and hyperactive young people. 
Is it not a great irony that someone who asked people not to solicit appointment for him is being celebrated by the same people he precluded from asking for the same appointment? The truth, which Barrister Ismail himself may possibly not know, is that the many youths who are clamoring that he be appointed were not doing so because of his youthful look and age, or simply because they admire and love him. No. In Barr. Ismail, the youths see a highly talented and well qualified person to fill an appointed position in the executive branch of the federal government.  
Beyond being youthful therefore, the other quality that Aso Rock and the Nigerian public want in a government official is integrity. This is one quality Barr. Ismail possesses in large dose. And this explains why ins pite of the ‘no appointment’ grumbling of his followers over the last two years of the APC government, Barr. Ismail remains unwavering in his commitment to President Muhammadu Buhari administration. 
It is a mark of integrity that Barr. Ismail remained loyal to President Buhari, a man he has consistently followed since their days in the Congress for Progressives Change (CPC), despite the many castigating remarks made by those who were out to jest at Barr. Ahmed over his non-recognition by “the same President Buhari he pledges loyalty to”. But as it is now obvious, the Buhari/Osinbajo team knows what they were doing. They obviously know that they need loyal appointees who will still remain committed to the ideals and philosophy of the administration even when the going gets rough and the job becomes tougher. Unlike us, the presidency is bidding its time and cautiously seeking out these loyal people, among whom our own dear Barr. Ismail Ahmed has now been counted. 
Yes, loyalty is an important criteria for recruiting political appointees. But Barr. Ismail possesses much more qualities. He is a skilled orator who also has the substantive expertise essential to the discharge of executive assignments, in addition to an unparalleled  managerial ability. Those who know the sort of training Barr. Ismail received would readily admit that his appointment is one that would no doubt uplift the image of this administration. 
To those who may not know, Barr. Ismail Ahmed is not some emergency politician looking for how to make ends meet. Born and raised in the ancient commercial city of Kano, Barr. Ismaeel graduated from University of Abuja with a Law degree, a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy from Webster University in the USA, and an LL.M from University of Chicago IL, USA. He was a member of the defunct CPC that formed part of the APC merger. 
Barrister Ismaeel contested and won the House of Reps seat in his native Kano in the elections of 2011 but suffered electoral injustice as is common in Nigeria. Ever since, he has kept faith with the struggle of the opposition parties in their bid to rescue the country from the grip of corrupt and incompetent leaders. He was a significant factor in the processes that led to the victory of the APC in the 2015 elections, especially in the area of youth mobilization. He was the initiator and anchorman in all the town hall meetings held by the APC during the campaigns. 
A strong Buharist who is well committed to the change ideology of the APC government, Barr. Ismail is a man who has shown over the years that politics is not about glamour or fame; rather it is about bringing real and sustainable change to our long suffering country. This is why in his new assignment, Barr. Ismail would have the benefit of working on social intervention programmes that would be targeted at ameliorating the hardships confronting the most vulnerable people and families in our country. Barrister will know doubt love and enjoy his new job, because his life ambition, as he told some of us, is to contribute towards building a society where no one is so worse off that he cannot afford the basics of life. 
As they say, quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Great commendation should therefore go to the duo of President Muhammadu Buhari and Ag. President Yemi Osinbajo who in their wisdom accorded Barr. Ismail Ahmed, a man of quality and competence, a much deserved recognition with this appointment. No doubt, posterity would remember this day and honor you for your good judgement. 
On behalf of all progressive youths nationwide, I offer a warm Congratulation to the amiable leader of my generation. Go ahead and make us proud, and we would be here praying for your success.