APYF Kwara Congratulates Saraki On CCT Victory

All of us, the members of All Progressive Youth Forum (APYF), Kwara state chapter, congratulate our leader and Senate President Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, on his well deserved victory at the Code of Conduct Tribunal today. The outcome of the trial did not come as a surprise to us, knowing that it was plagued by procedural errors and a mere political persecution which is best described as an offshoot of his Senate Presidential triumph exactly two years and five days today. 

The fact that the trial was thrown out based on no case submission by the defendant and the fabricated evidences by the witnesses is a huge vindication to our leader who has maintained his innocence all this while. The affirmation of the judges that the defendant (our dear leader) was not linked to any of the 18 charges is enough affirmation that the case was just a political hounding. We would therefore be remiss if, not only on behalf of our teeming members across the state but also other forward-thinking Kwarans, we did not let him know that we all applaud his tenacity to fight for justice and the adherence to the rule of law; his compassion for the common-man, Kwaran or not; and his steadfastness to continue serving Nigerians as a whole as our Senate President. Congratulations in this regard as the light finally showed up at the end of the tunnel.
Saraki is indeed a leader who has shown competence beyond reasonable doubt as the 8th Senate has surpassed the summation of the past assemblies in terms of masses-driven legislations and objective oversight functions, despite the overwhelming political odds and distractions that have been stacked up against him since he assumed office on that historic day in June 2015. Verily, only few can withstand all sorts and all forms of political weapons fashioned, formed and manufactured against them without being consumed. We have seen this play out in the media time and time again, with fancy, false and futile allegations been leveled against our amiable leader who has continued to weather the storm, thus proven that he is a hard nut to crack for his political adversaries.
On a final note, we want every Nigerian to know that this tribunal vindication is not a victory for Saraki alone but for Nigerian democracy and all lovers of justice and equity.
It is our prayer that our leader, the Turaki of Ilorin Emirate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, continues to weather all storms; unfazed by the turbulence and difficulties of the testing political times.
Abdulrahman Kayode,

Director of Media and Publicity,  APYF Kwara