Politics: Read What A Kwaran Wrote About Saraki And His Political Adversaries

​Sheikh Ali Faagba wrote:
“You are a chump, an idiot and mentally impotent. Yes, you are all that if you simply assume every young lad that speak good of Saraki is looking for some sort of political gain. This is coming in response to one of them that saw me and simply called me Saraki’s SA. That she did in mockery of my intellect. She had simply assume I want a political appointment. Follow this to the end if you still have some sense left. If I have any interest in securing any closeness with the man, I won’t dare criticise him publicly the day he was turbaned.  Neither will I criticise Maigida for his many wrong doings. No employee or employment seeker will dare criticise his prospective boss. If that tells you nothing, I will tell you my political reckoning in brief.
When, some years ago, your boss Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu made foray to Kwara state looking for partners. Opposition members and supporters like myself were left stunned, besoted and bewildered. The face of APC we knew then was Ogbeni Dele Belgore. He had been in the struggle and he was pulling the lever well. If indeed Saraki is that bad and APC kingpins knew that, why did they supplanted all their former members in Kwara and give the entire key to Saraki, at the detriment of hapless men and did women. No matter which angle from which you view it, the interest is always the same. Those politicians have no interest in winning for the people, they only want to win for their party. I have tested their dignity time and again, they have not my interest in mind.
Soon after using his strength to float them to victory,  they tried to deny him his share of the dividends. Saraki responded with adroitness, he wittily rebelled against them, he beated them and gave them an eyesore. They cried wolve. But nothing could be done. My question to you is simple: if I should join hand to bring Saraki down now, what option do you have outside there for me? Or you want me to leave my state without participation? Of course, none of us has the right to do so. The right to leave our state and go to bed while others look after it! It would be a pinnacle of hypocrisy and betrayal.
On my timeline here, I have created a slim niche to involve in the governance of my state, part of that governance is politics. I will remain part of it as soon as I’m around. I will pray for Saraki if need be, and I will curse him if the situation requires that I do so. I might have lost many things to these elites but will never loosen or lose my individualism. I represent freedom, power and honesty. I have no illusions about this, when it comes to politics, saraki is a brute and that even make me respect him the more.
Finally, to those who claim not to know where I belong to. You will never know that. As long as politics remains, I will do what I deem best for myself and for my people. Whether that be under Saraki or over him, I have a duty for my state and my country and I wish not to shirk any of that. Check my years on Facebook, I have criticised him more than any of you, and today I will only turn against him if you can show me any politicians in Nigeria with the slightest modicum of dignity. Mark my word, the slightest modicum of dignity. But I doubt if you can find that in a man who keep lying serially for the whole nation or men who celebrate their presence in the garden of EFCC. 
I rest!”