Our attention has been draw to a statement credit to one Charles Olufemi folayan, where he on behalf of a faceless group-The Kwara Youths Stakeholders Forum(KYSF) where they threatened to recall the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki.

We would have ignored the rantings of this errand boy of a certain Lagos politician, but this rejoinder was necessitated by the need to set the record straight. First, we want to remind Afolayan and his sponsors that Saraki do not have any personal issue to score with anyone in the presidency, rather the issue between the national assembly and the presidency is a constitutional one. And it can only be resolved through the nation’ s legal processes.
We also want to say that it is on record that the 8th Senate being led by Saraki has passed more masses friendly bills than any other Senate since the return of Democratic rule to Nigeria in 1999 . It is also a truism that most States of the federation cannot pay their workers salaries as and when due as a result of global economic recession which is also affecting Nigeria. Therefore, it smacks of ignorance for any to lay the problem of unpaid salaries in Kwara state local government areas at door step of the Senate president. Even, federal government owned universities are paying their staff salaries on percentages due to paucity of funds. Having established that Saraki has not committed any offence to warrant his recall from the Senate, we want to say in clear terms that folayan lack the locus standing to issue the threat in the first place . Though, the so- called folayan hails from Kwara, he’s a diaspora politician who do not participate in Kwara’s electoral processes. He’s also not from Kwara central which is Saraki’s constituency. So, we wonder which magic he wants to perform mulling for the  recall of Saraki. folayan, a technical assistant to S.A Youths in the presidency hails from Ekan-meje in Oke-Ero local government area of Kwara state. We are using this forum to warn folayan and his cohorts as well as their paymasters to desist from their devilish plots against a God chosen leader who has by words and deeds showed that he’s in politics to better the lot of the long suffering Nigerian masses. Kwara is a state of harmony, so, folayan and his co- travellers in the blackmail business should find other terrain to practice their trade. The real people of Kwara state are happy with their son who God has infinite mercy made the nation’s number three man. They are also happy about his performance thus far. A visit to Kwara state will avail folayan and his sponsors the opportunity to see for themselves the avalanche of developmental projects that the Senate president has attracted to the state in the last two years.

Signed: Yusuf Zulu-Gambari, Pro#istandbysaraki