​Sahara Reporters with Another Statement of Hallucination

By Taofeek Sanusi

Wonders they say shall never end. The scenarios which are trailing the emergence of Dr. Bukola Saraki as the President of the 8th Senate are hilarious because they are enundated with comic acts from some APC clowns parading themselves as leaders. One of such was the script played by one stupid Charles Femi Folayan, an Abuja domiciled constituent of Kwara South speaking for the entire youths in Kwara State. 
Two days ago, it was harvested from Sahara Reporters that Kwaran youths threatened to recall the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District, the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki; the statement which was debunked by many real Kwarans and considered hallucination of the jobless youths, who use youth forums to extort money from politicians, especially the anti-saraki forces, was in its entirety a comedy. The truth of the matter is that, it was another orchestrated scheme by some greedy APC bigwigs. This re-flexing of muscles is another strategy to oust Saraki from that most coveted seat in the Red Chamber and impede him future political aspirations, after their waterloo of Code of Conduct Bureau (CCT). To me, this cannot yield any favouarable result for them because it is very far from reality. This is because, the real constituents of Kwara Central who voted for him, stood by him all through his trying time and are ready to guard their own son all the time.

Indeed, mere looking, one would have drawn conclusion that this was well fabricated for the world best liar, Sahara Reporters to ventilate, but the sober reflection for them on this is that the filthy plan was dead on arrival. The fundamental questions I want to ask the foolish people behind this is that: what has Saraki done contrary to the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria to have deserved recall? Is Kwara State existing in another planet because we, Kwarans, have not seen anything related to that in our state either through demonstration or statement? Do you think Kwaran youths can be bought cheaply like that against Senator Saraki? Do you think what you have failed to achieve through ballot box can be actualized through other short corners. Honestly, the answers to all these questions would constantly remain “NO” till eternity. The haters should rather stop wasting their time on this true representative of Kwara Central who has touched many lives positively. 

Furthermore, I would like to categorically say that the impacts of Bukola Saraki are conspicuously felt in his constituency. A verisimilitude which is undisputable because of many evidences such as human capacity building, scholarship for students, road rehabilitation and construction, environmental protection and development, classrooms construction and renovation, drinkable motorized boreholes provision, and the likes which he has been prioritizing in his constituency since the inception of the 8th Senate.
The offshoot of the watery press release by thousands of the supporters of the Senate President at home front, has shown that the plan was not only dead on arrival; it was an unrealizable feat in Kwara for Kwarans stand firmly with Saraki. I am proud to be a constituent of the number 3 citizen of Nigeria.