It’s now crystal clear that most of my brothers are not only unserious but lack focus. Before now, they challenged him to sue Sahara Reporters if truly what Yele Sowero did against him is personality attack and blackmail.

The man decided to lay before the court a suit against him and the court have its ruling. After the judgement of the Ilorin High Court, the idiotic ones went on rampage promoting the senseless comments about the judgement that put N4b fine on Yele Sowore which he termed as ‘Jankara Judgement’.

With the updates of most of my brothers after the court’s ruling, it is evident how stupid and myopic most of them are. Politics is not a dirty game but played by dirty minded players in the country.

Sahara Reporters is free, if bold enough, to appeal the ruling if he is not satisfy with the judgement.

Despite the fact that Jankara market is not here in Ilorin but Lagos, if he is not satisfy with that of Jankara, why not go for Lekki judgement that will favour him to reverse the unfavorable judgement if he also deem it fit.

To all my brothers who are associates of Yele Sowore, rally round your friend to search for the competent lawyers among you instead of calling for trouble or toying with your future. Remember, he that must come to equity must come with clean hands.

Let me remind my brothers that your comments on saying rubbish on social media are capable of tarnishing the hard earn reputation of your family. 

We know few among your family members that are responsible, so displaying your irresponsibility on social media here is not a big surprise to me as a person because the few responsible personalities in your family house have turned grandpa and grandma in their late nineties (90s).