It is no more a cock and bull story that Sen. Bukola Saraki has been, in no small measure, distinguishing himself on the most covetous mantle of the leadership of Red Chamber he is currently occupying; and this has been triggering the trending encomiums Nigerians have been showering on him since he became the number 3 citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.The gravity of the applause for the Saraki-led Senate got intensified by Nigerians, with the review of the 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria which witnessed the passage of “Not Too Young To Run Bill” and lots of others. Kudos to Waziri of Ilorin, the Pathfinder and the Game Changer!

To my dismay, when the youths were the busy appreciating Saraki and his team for the passage of the bill which would further strengthen them in the polity of our country, Tinubu and other political cabals who failed to pocket the Senate still tasked their bootlickers Yelesowore and and host of others to  castigate Saraki on social media. The action which progressive-minded  Nigerian youths revolted against with no iota of reservation as it was apparently considered as thorn on the flesh of our democracy.

Constitution determines how a state is governed and should be updated from time to time to be in tandem with going of the political system of the country. Many Nigerians have blamed some bottlenecks bedeviling our governance on the outdatedness of some provisions of our constitution. Based on this, It is note-worthy to disillusion some Nigerians who are already brainwashed by the foes of Saraki, that constitution review is not a business of frivolity, most especially the passage of “Not Too Young To Bill.” Saraki and his colleagues deserve appreciation for making this long-craving hope of total youth emancipation in Nigeria politics a reality. Also,  It should be emphasized that achievements of the Saraki-led Senate so far cannot be underestimated and they have been taking the lead on the scorecard of the ruling party,  All Progressives Congress (APC) since 2015.

In fact, passage of “Not Too Young To Run Bill” stunned Nigerian youths and left their mouths agape; as Saraki has finally made what they hitherto thought impossible practicably possible. With this, Nigerian youths are now at the leverage to showcase their talents in the governance of their country. Without neither mincing words nor equivocation, Saraki is undoubtedly the doyen of All Progressives Congress of Nigeria, because his achievements so far are enough for APC to campaign in the 2019 general elections.

If Tinubu and his stalwarts had succeeded in ousting Bukola Saraki for their selfish interest,  Nigerians wouldn’t have benefited from his leadership prowess and administrative acumen. Saraki is heaven-sent candidate for the position he is currently occupying. So, because he is taking the lead in the crusade for national transformation, any effort to perturb him by the avaricious Nigerian politicians would not yield any positive results; as this gentle man is already immersed in the protection of Allah via the fervent prayers showered upon him by the forward-looking Nigerians.

God Bless Nigeria!

God Bless the Senate President and His Team!